Kyvol Cybovac E31 Aspirateur Robot

[ Music ] welcome. This is how to use your archival sibo vac at home. [ Music ] attach the side brush into the side brush mount on the bottom of the sibo vac plug the power adapter into a wall socket and connect to the charging base manually.

Align the charging contacts on the bottom of your sibo vac with the ones on the charging base, auto mode, [, Music, ] press, stop start on the sibo vac or auto. On the remote to begin auto mode. The cybo vac will begin to clean all accessible space with medium suction power until the battery power level is low, [, Music, ] spot mode, locate, an area that needs intensive cleaning, move the sibo vac to the center of this area.

Press the spot mode button on the remote to start the spot cleaning process. This will last approximately two minutes and then the sibo vat will enter auto mode edge mode press the edge mode button on the remote to begin this cleaning process, the cybo vac will clean for approximately 20 minutes along any edges, then return to the charging base mopping.

The floor fill the water tank with water press and hold the latch down to pull the dust bin out press and hold the latch down and insert the water tank into the sibo vat select a cleaning mode to start mopping the floor, [ Music, ] time setup.

Press time setup on the remote and the hour will flash on the led display press rightward to switch from hour to minute press time setup or start pause to save time. [, Music, ] cleaning schedule, setup, press cleaning, schedule setup on the remote to set a schedule.

Press forward or backward to change the hour press rightward to switch from hour to minute, press time setup or start pause to save the time magnetic strip select the area. You do not want the sibo vac to enter measure the length and width of the area and cut the magnetic strip to fit peel off a piece of 3m adhesive pad and stick to one side of the magnetic strip.

[, Music, ] peel off the other side of the adhesive pads and fix the magnetic strip to the floor to create a no-go area. [, Music ]. You

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