– Are you looking for the best robot mop? We're doing a series of
videos here on the channel about our new robot, iRobot Braava jet, that we got. It's a Robot Mop, I noticed that they have
different languages here (sounding out pronunciation)
Robot laveur de sols, and Robot trapeador. Do you guys know to say Robot Mop in any other languages? Let me know that down
in the comments below, I thought that'd be kind of a fun thing we can do in this video. But today, we are going to
press the "clean" button. For the first time, we're going to test it out and see how this Robot Mop works. First of all, hi. Hi to all the new dads out there; this is Dad Reviews. This is where I give you my un-edited, hopefully more authentic look at the products that
we like, use and have. And get to clean our floors so they're nice and shiny. So if you're interested in that, you might wannna consider clicking that "Subscribe" button. So, like I said, we got
the iRobot Braava jet. In the previous videos, if you haven't watched those you might want to go watch
those at the beginning. Like I said, we're doing
a series of videos here. We got everything all set up right here. Unboxed, set up. We got the app working and whatnot. It's got cleaner in it,
we got the pad on it. You wanting to know how to do any of that, go watch the other videos in this series. And now it's time to press that "clean" button right there. You guys ready to press
that "clean" button? Thumbs up, thumbs up if you guys are ready to press that "clean" button. I have been waiting for about two hours, because I was making sure that the battery had a good charge on it. And on my phone, on the app that you have, it's actually really cool. It tells you that it's connected, it says it's charging. But then they give you this little battery indicator right here, and it lets you know how much charge it has, you know, kind of an idea of how much charge it has. And it looks like we have either full or almost full battery right there. So, I am ready to do this. Now, one thing that I wanted to talk to you guys about first though, before we do this is the Smart Maps. It says it takes about two to five runs for it to be able to get a good idea of what the mapping of your house will do. There is a thing on here
that's for training it. You can train it to get the map. And I just figured I'd show you that. Whenever you click Smart
Maps for the first time, it's actually going to
show the other things, it's not going to show this. But if you click the
three dots right here, you can do the training run and they have mapping tips. I'm going to go through
some of the mapping tips. First of all, it says
"The Braavo Jet can only map where it can reach.
Pick up small clutter and open doors so it can map your
whole home on it's own." So that's one thing that I want to do. I didn't know about the open door thing. And then it says "Run Braavo Jet at different times of day, so it can learn about
the different lighting going on in your house. And it can't see in total darkness, so please leave a little light on." And then "speed things
up with the training run. If you have a large space, consider a training run. It will map faster without cleaning." Press got it. And then to do the training run, you press three dots and then there's a thing right there that says "training run". I'm not going to press it, because that's going to
make it actually do it. What we want to do, I want
to see this thing clean for the first time. Maybe we'll do the training
run in the next video. So let's go ahead and do this. If you don't click that
"thumbs-up"button yet, click that "thumbs-up" button, so we can click that "clean" button. You all ready? Here we go. By the way if you guys want
to check this thing out, I'mma link it up down in
the description below. You all can go read other
people's reviews about it. Don't just take my word for it. I'm literally just one guy checking it out for the first time. But in fact, whenever I went and read some of the reviews, I saw a few different
things that concerned me a little bit. And I'm
kind of curious to see if they're going to happen to me. Something about black
streaks from the wheels and whatnot. So we're going to get into that. If you all wondering about this. Got in a fight with my lawnmower. So we'll talk about that
in a different video. Let's go ahead and do this. All right you all ready? Let's do it. I'm going to try it from the phone here and see how that works. Ready? Righting. And clean. Oh clean all or choose room? Oh well we only have zero% so let's clean all. Braava jet will clean whatever
it can reach automatically. Avoid drop-offs and returning it to it's charging station as needed. You can help it out by
picking up small clutter, which we already did. We suggest that you stick around during the first job to see how Braava jet behaves in your home and give it a hand if it asks for help. Happy cleaning. All right. Let's go to work. (machine beeps) Oh oh got a little something there. (gasps) Ooh ooh ooh it's movin. It's movin. All right so this is
the camera right here. This is the reservoir. This is a thing to get
it back to the dock. This is where it's going
to shoot water from. Got the pad on there. I haven't seen it shoot anything yet. What's it doin? (machine whirring) We need a name for this little. Oh look, look at that. Aaah cleaning! What shall we name it? Let me know down in the comments below. If you all think we should
give a name to this thing. Maybe Rosie? After The Jetsons. Rosie the robot maid. Remember that? (machine whirring) Okay so it keeps squirting. Man this thing's going to take forever. If it just does that. I'm kind of curious to know how long this is going to take. Right now it's four O-nine. That's very fitting that it's four O-nine, considering there's a cleaner called that. I'm curious to know
when this whole thing's going to be done. So I'm going to keep track of the time, and in the next video
I'll definitely be sure to try to take note of that for you guys. So it does go in this up and down pattern. It's not just like kind of a scattered pattern like you see some of the other robots do. (machine whizzing) I'm also curious to know
how long this reservoir of water and fluid is going to, is going to take. As you all know there's two ounces of the liquid and then the rest is water. My wife did look up online to see what other type of solutions
you can use with it. And on the website, iRobot website, there is a list of the different cleaners that they recommend. The one that is made by iRobot, that we're using right now is 16 ounces for, oh God I can't remember the exact number. But there's another brand called Bona that you can use. It has 8000 reviews online. I'll link it up down in
the description below. You all can go check it out. Read some of those 8000 reviews. But that is an alternative
that you can buy. And for like 15 bucks, you get, I believe it's a 100 ounces. So that is a super great and a I think that's what
we're going to end up using after we use these first two right, the first two cleans that we can do here. (machine whirring) So far let's see, it's gone up and down and then back up. And it's been about a minute. Like two minutes. Maybe three minutes, cause it took, we didn't look at the clock until it got to the end there. So let's see it hit the wall there, it turned, it scoots over a few inches and then it goes and does it again. Now I wanted to let you
all know that there is a. (machine whirring) Where is it? (machine whirring) It was on the app. Oh it's in the settings. (machine whirring) In the settings. I kind of looked at the
settings a little bit while I was waiting for it to load up. And there's these wet mopping preferences. You can adjust the amount
of spray that it gives. And you can do a standard mode, a deep clean mode for tough messes, or an extended coverage for light messes, if you just want to do like a quick clean or you can give it more chance to do more area. So those are the preferences
there in the app, which is super cool
that they give you that. I really like that. So you may want to kind
of play around with that a little bit. But we're just going to let this thing kind of run and see what happens here now. I want to. Oh I forgot to move this cord. I need to kind of lift
this thing right here. Aah let's see. I'm going to put this back. (chuckles) See we have this. I'm curious to know how it's going to go
around this furniture. Let's see what happens. Let's watch that for a second. (machine whirring) (clearing throat) (machine whirring) So it's finding all of the corners and it's making a map of everything. It's got some wetness on the pad. So that's good. It can still kind of mop
a little around there. I don't see it spraying
anything right now. Oh there it goes. Oh it's bumpin' into the
little leg right there. So it found another thing. So in the mapping portion of the app, I'm assuming that it's figuring all these things out and kind of hopefully remembering it. Okay now we got some more spray. I wonder if it has. I don't know if it has some kind of like wetness indicator on it. So that it knows how wet the pad is or how much it sprayed
or anything like that. That'd be kind of curious to know. But I don't. I didn't see anything like that and I didn't see anything
in the app or whatever. But (machine whirring) So far it's doing really well. Just kind of going back and forth. We may end up moving the dock. To be underneath here. I think that might be
a better spot for it. Because I don't think these poles are going to get in the way. I'm going to have to kind of do a test. It did say that it needs a foot and a half on either side of clearance. And then four feet up front. And I think that that
actually might be enough. So we're going to play around
with that a little bit. And kind of see how it performs after this initial clean. Also want to do the, that training mode as well. I'm kind of curious to
see what that thing does. But like I said. You guys. Excuse me. (coughs) If you guys want to check this thing out, I'll link it up down in
the description below. You all can go read other
people's reviews about it. Like I said, don't just
take my word for it. I'm just one guy. Like I said, using it for the first time. I wanted to give you guys our true experience with it. But if you want to see this series of this iRobot Braava jet M6 from the beginning, when we first unboxed it, go and click this video right here. I'll see you on that video. And then you all can
watch the entire series of everything that goes through the. Set it up, set up the app. Get everything all configured and whatnot. Putting it together. Go and watch that video right there. I'll see you on that video. Thank you dads for watchin. Let me know down in the comments below if you know how to say robot mop in any other languages. I'd really be curious about that. Thank you all for watchin and dad out.

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