In vain a gaming mouse gaming system Gaming chair and gaming keyboard and whatever else you have technologized through the house If you continue to sweep the floor according to the Wikipedia page the first robot vacuum cleaner It was launched by Electrolux in 1996 Pa spor word to 2019 show me brought out a cheaper version than the vacuum cleaner Their top Somewhere around 1500 RON is spinning The price of this robot At the time of Hai's review let's open the box and see what it is Inside and why this robot is capable And with all this technology from Lately they are very curious and even make witches When we will no longer have brooms available He'll go with a vacuum cleaner Forget all Don't forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter Slash give To register for the contest A big, gray box in which this 1000 key came Let's break it down Down stream Let's go down here, too And Welcome to the future We have an envelope here From Xiaomi Let's see what we have inside The art of life Let's see what the art of life is Installation instructions and so on A user manual And that's it It was his peak Signature from Io Moni Let's start with the box here on the left Very nice packaging very Premium I could Say pier What do we have here We have the charger Three pictures With suggestion Of Presentation Praktiker say how to You put the cable and so on in the charger Here we have a box In this box we Power cable And The brush With which Malta cleans the brush Grave even brush because it is quite rigid And here It's a peak And I will show you immediately what this office is used for Here in this bag We have the charger itself or Talking For the robot It's very The futurist could tell he has these forests Which have a bow And the collision will not be very big Between the robot and the charger And here on the back He has one Cover That we can pull down and pull cable Depending on the length we need to stay as close to the socket as possible And of course Don't stay Outside Very interesting is one And we are pretty minimalist I could say And Very very Forest And now the robot in Good is packaged in this one Did he squeak How we liked to tell her when we were little And Adam The fine robot I'll get out of here Quencher to be as good as I can Gentle with him It's as futuristic as possible. From my minimalist point of view, we only have two control buttons and what Which I find very interesting Can be used No application You do a setup and with that we will just talk about it remember what is coming but now let's talk a little about The robot itself At the top Sensor with which He finds his way Home Cover To reach At this Dust support More or less it is A box in which the dust gets and all The miseries on the floor And here in the back is a filter that can be cleaned with a brush Very interesting very minimalist and very easy to use I'll give This film aside And I'll put it on This dustbin In place Here we have a sensor Collision And so much on the side From above Let's look at the side below Simple sensor simple sensor Dust brush Sweeping brush Dust mess And so on and two Wheel Every With the engine he takes And here we finally have the brushes Which come out pretty easy have two clips I pressed on them And I took it off This safety Even the brush simply comes out of place Very simple very easy to Service Let's just say so or very easy to clean And I promised to show you what you use that one for A stiffer brush Really at that Take out the mess From What do you hope for Or if the hairs remain intertwined or I know what other threads And so on I can take them That easy And let them Stay So basically for the maintenance of this robot you need this tool and of course Man A cloth so much Delete And according to the user manual that I recommend you read It hurts What you can Abuse this robot or take some action Which or better said you will ruin the robot But do not clean with water Write in the manual not to clean with water and brush and so on A dry cloth and That's all You need As easy as it can be used As minimalist as possible and now the interesting part is the lace Let's septum and see it and nation How to walk around here through the office and Remove the dust becomes our small companion has already been set up has been positioned and of course We need to make her a mini ring around here because Otherwise they will be driven crazy by the whole office where we have cables and of course below Our offices are good here. It's as good as it gets but I tried to make it a perimeter of why Because we have two options Or press the Power And then the automatic cleaning starts or we can use the application on the mobile phone and we'll talk about it Fixed it now We have some permissions that we have to give application like devices Info and storage It connects to wifi not to bluetooth. So at the first setup you must have iPhone on Mobile phone Of course the starting location can scan select the robot you click and of course See puts you to You connect to a wifi network Single data They are transmitted to the robot and the disease occurs My devices It's so simple removable On Robot Vacuum Cleaner right now The robot is charged we have 69% battery And here is the cleaning area that has 0 square meters And of course 0 minutes cleaning time I should start it now And let me know that he can do it himself mapping I press the button Of Power And he starts The process of mapping and cleaning the area And if you look closely On the app The mapped areas appear With His radar and of course with infrared We can see that And appositionally Talking port has now detected an edge And he walks quietly along the edge Until he reaches the end And he does his own mapping Cleaning areas There will be something harder for him and he will probably hit Exact But that collision sensor Tell the robot Mobital See that you hit something sweet here Let's see how it handles the cables I don't think so Yes This is a test as far as possible Funny With this robot The point is that we didn't even prepare the ground as well as anyone can. Delimiter post As you could see in that area It seems the limit is well known It would be fun to get someone in the door now You bar your robot Clean there and on the edge He took the dust And now he's back From where he left and the cleaning area was somewhere 4 square meters And now the robot is starting to Clean and he'll start cleaning between a zigzag form Anyway he starts cleaning like that Pom Pom Pom As you can see, I'm getting closer And with white drawn is the cleaning area and if you look at the robot I just walk In the area of Cleaning that Elsa preset How easy to use and how much to use Easy to use I can now pause and I have two possibilities you can give it To go To Duck Or to go At one point a hill I set to say I want to go here Toader Talking to get student Get point You say I'm the apartment drone Which data Get point I do not know exactly in what country this function was required but I can give it Pat cleanup And when I spot spot cleanup What a fish to clean in that area We still have an option to clean an area and I can increase or decrease the area I also drag and drop and can put this cleaning area anywhere inside the area It beats me So if the robot is there and I give it to you to clean it somewhere closer to it I'm giving him a cleanup The movie right now He'll be back And it will position itself so that it can clean this area For a Zig Zag shape Somehow I say but neither has a friend It's good now that I made more clutter in the office than I was before just to introduce this robot Let's go to conclusions and I'll press You will press Now let's talk a little bit about this robot for who this robot is, certainly not for a person like me Which walk a lot of cables I also know cable from phones eaten more than an adapter and the robot also panics You absorb what will not be very good for the mechanism inside In exchange for surfaces or areas That Parquet Floor tiles Why not even a very, very small, thin carpet, not the kind of very bushy carpet It is a very good device because it is simply mapping the area Where do you want to go? Clean and this Costin left home from set to automate and does his job alone on certain For hours If he runs out of battery while he's gone Take a walk Clean He returns alone to Doc It will load and continue from where the aromatic practice is very smart this little robot But it is not for all surfaces and of course for all room setups and in the end you have to Let's talk about a very funny and very dirty thing It is Aimed at pet owners if you have cat dogs or know what Other pets Do not let poster And the animal in the same room There is a possibility that the animal will meet its needs And this robot does not know how to detect it The robot will get dirty and your mess will spread all over me and it's more of a headache if you don't believe me On the Internet The videos are also very funny Grapevine for those who look not even for those who have to clean But from my point of view It is a solution as simple and useful as possible for those who simply I don't do much mess in their turn And they have to deal with a mop or another with I also know with a broom the dust is taken from the parquet floor Maybe I can make a robot this while you're at work It seems to you a viable and reliable enough probe option Not for everyone I find it very good for dust Lighter and less hair If you have a carpet that needs to be sucked out and beaten and cleaned this robot will not cope So don't torture him And you have no claim to it To clean the dirt and liquid Very important they told me to take I was Dragons this was the robot from 1,000 until next time do not forget to Check the description for useful links and updated prices And do not forget to give your opinion about this robot

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