Hi, I'm Robert from cel.ro And you probably already know from that title what I'm going to do How you feel like a son But I do not know much either you know or just that it's from Jamie I know it would cost around $ 2,000 and I was senile because I do not know too much so I'll be as surprised as you when I'll open the box All Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications to keep up with the latest presentations We do not have much information on the box We first have this sign where it looks a little like artudit if you ask me Here's the name roborok What we have on the side here too Lucian waves Let's open the box and see With what surprises us First of all we'll have a Plastic I do not know exactly what brakes will use aside Here we have the instructions I will read and I will not give Catalin first because I do not know what it is so I want to be as much We still have In the box here Let's get all Iris to see you do I think yes it is a robot vacuum cleaner Automatic From 1,000 It looks very good but it's also very hard at the same time a smile up here on the side we see what we have in the box We make a presentation The place of loading more definitely And here probably Power cable It prevents a few moments to clean up here on the desk and assemble to see What and how Ok And now the magazine is going fast What's going on with you We start with the user manual that was quite useful and Vali SKODA is reading it too Most Masha We have product information about How to install We also have DC daily maintenance is very useful and I even recommend you read if you take this vacuum cleaner Far away Here We still have Water container Curves have worked as fast as possible Demo In two Let's say the heads here If one is broken or simply Will be reusable Here's how I know we should have it Water filters We also have 4 water filters here One of these details remains to be discovered for you Let's move on I am with the diamonds set aside Here in the box upon order Preposition but in cable to feeding I still have a spare hep filter, that means we still have one egg here How to make the vacuum cleaner, yet He is the star of this video Seeing here No shirt It's kind of hard Well done That's what the charging station would look like with all the vacuum cleaner and And his support The body has a load capacity of 20 volts with 1.8 amp It comes to the roborok battery has a lithium battery of 5.200 milliamperes Autonomy for two hours What can clean a space up to 200 square feet Look, there's no battery to bring you alone Until it reaches 80% of five again will resume action Aspirator sheep with your hand but you versus the previous version Having a better laser sensor Higher storage capacity And the hep filter could be washed with water and also came with sencilla eggs for water apparatus It also has a sensor to detect carpets or rugs This increases the power to absorb the re depending on the detected surface If you do not install the vacuum cleaner, it has three buttons for easier use And how would I show the phone application Various choices such as timer He was scheduled to start at a particular hour Cleaning on certain areas If Shed something And you only want a cleaned area but also manual mode What makes the roboe an interesting but also very useful toy at the same time And we little with roborock Observed pass easily over the wires Quite silent without all the thick tires Spin Simona And in the application as well as video help How to use to clean the robot We have the 360 degree bones sensor with a sensor that detects bumps with an edge sensor and a front sensor That's what you always do where it is She has to go And now draw the conclusions If I call you a little more comfortable Your time is considered to be worth more than 2,000 RON Then why not Wait for me If you have pets through the house, it will clean your hair and other Without you having to clean every one And Yes is a little expensive Tardive does the job at the same time That is, the technology it benefits from It's Not A Bad Investment There are not many alternatives On the market for this kind of gadget I hope Philips smartpro Compact is available at a more affordable price When it's thin Ecovacs deebot m82 with less weight and easier to handle And now before we finish this video We want to give it a robot not to say purple or Ciao me or something like that So we invite you to leave a comment and probably the best idea we used What our video ends For more information, be sure to check the description Some spoons and updated price

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