And hello everyone welcome to this video today we're going to repair an everyday item again it's a vacuum cleaner roomba I robot that my wife found in a trash can and that I decided to restore because it would be a shame to throw a device that can be restored So I make a quick inventory of the device good it does not look in so bad I don't think there's much broken the brooms look pretty rather new the wheels are not very worn By cons we see that there is one of the wheel pads which is broken so we will have to repair it The motors seem to be working properly they are not they do not look seized Regarding the battery so it is a nickel cadmium battery nickel hybrid metal 14.4 volts it's surely dead So obviously on this kind of on this kind of battery the manufacturer puts screws a little bit loose in the shape of a triangle first and foremost experienced handyman is going to have a lot of screwdrivers and find one that will fit put a screwdriver in a triangle it's good So there are 12 nickel batteries in it I will try to recover the feed legs which are suitable for the battery box and without that I won't be able to re-use the box So I made a battery out of a little bit of lithium batteries by putting 4.4 to qu in series so 4.2 volts which gives me a total battery in series of 16 6 volts So it's batteries that I obviously recovered from computer batteries in laptop batteries that was put in the trash and that I recovered So there the 16.6 volt battery and the initial battery was 14.4 volts but be aware that electronic devices have operating ranges they will operate from 12 to 16 18 volts carefree Here I do a first try and it does not work at all there is a beep there is the light in front that lights up but it doesn't work and I see a kind of flashing green light and I wonder what it is so give it a try, try it a second time and try to plug in the temperature sensor I think maybe I tell myself that there may be a security that makes that on the temperature sensor it can't work so I reconnect it but it doesn't work either I check the voltages 16.4 volts one last time so it's fine I found an operating manual for the device on the internet and I'm trying to find out what a flashing green light but that doesn't give much more guidance for it simply means that the battery is faulty while not at all So I say to myself I will give it a try I will put the device in the good sense of the times that there will be a sensor of an orientation sensor which makes that it puts a safety on Always the green light flashing Surprise I was a little surprised. I did not expect it to move as much the small the small plug is disconnected so reconnect it properly and I will try again And now it works great Now I know the device is still alive, I'm going to take a little bit of ownership because it deserves it anyway in a trash can surely stored in a cellar for cleaning electronic devices: white vinegar, black soap and water no need for chemicals if you have chemicals at home for daily cleaning white vinegar black soap water you put a third a third a third And it's just fine So I mounted off camera actually the video did not work a lithium battery by putting 4.4 to that in series of 4.2 therefore flies to make 16.6v so I started tinning the batteries to prepare for future connection and I put some connecting bridges between between serial batteries I check that the batteries pass well in the housing of the original battery I get my two connection legs from the power supply And I'm going to add a bms aka battery management system it's a system that allows balancing the batteries is a security system that will control the voltage between the lithium batteries basically this is a system of safety of a battery. it is necessary to put one it is cost me 2 euros 60 I check in a small notebook my notes of connection so we go on the connection diagram that I planned to make a battery type 4s2p so that is to say four sets of two receptions in parallel at 4.2 25 to 16 but I realized by testing that finally it did not pass in the housing so I just made a a battery four batteries in series which will have quite so then I solder the balancing challenge at the battery terminals on the on the battery Here the end here we must weld here must be welded A field balancing between each series of between each docu series so that bms is his job he makes these measurements in real time Check the voltages once the fixed hearth or you always have to do it so the board strips of the bm s come out at the entrance of the bms but also in stables Sudan following the main power supply at the output of bms towards the positive terminal and the negative terminal beyond the cu And then I south of the food present in yours a river I fit everything in a box She left for a first real test with the new battery Always apply an open area – under all I think it's due to the fact that the battery a little bit careful Here it works nickel Now take care of the last problem concerning the wheel the broken wheel So we see that a good neighborhood is missing a good area of ​​my crampons area I am in my case a good third less good because we also see that the crampons are quite worn to it's a little my quiet life you are maxppp what I decide to do this cut and the notch and crampons by slicing and distributing evenly over the sweat Let everyone do what I set the skate of the road so that the hermieu hug avoid the peeling poems This is what it gives when we see that while in the wheel there is systematically with studs which ended up vertically on the wheel the goal here always exclaims contact with the ground we will not have as strong grip as side where there are more studs but I think for a park and this will be more than enough Come on let's go for the real test We always have the little green light it works nickel So that's a standalone vacuum cleaner found in a trash can worth of the Center We see that the device is perfectly functional it is a little old I saw that they were they were more than eight years old but it's a technology the technologies of electric motors its motors which are difficult to tire from the moment we replace the battery tonight devices that will double triple their lifespan Do not hesitate to tinker out your case or tools try to repair things and recycle them to repackage them it's very rewarding for for yourself it is super interesting for the planet because it saves resources and the greenhouse gas economy it saves it's a nice thumb at the industrialists who I hope you will buy an autonomous robot every five years this is an opportunity to show them a little anonymous surely but by your consumption your name consumption that you are no longer ready to buy fishermen who are going to break down below a few years

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