the sick m or melectronics technology simply explain welcome to the melectronics toaster store i'm rico masters and i'll presents roomba at es7 x7 show clear improvements compared to its predecessors especially in terms of navigation and suction power it sucks with ten times power higher than that of the 600 series devices and like all models of irobot clean impeccably around and under the furniture with his two rubber extractors it carefully sucks all the floors and marks even the dirtiest places they clean even more intensive it also removes small particles that dirt its high performance filter captures 99% of all allergens the two rubber extractors is a real advantage for maintenance, frying the hair does not can no longer roll around the brush but are directly inspired by the roomba and 7 also has a wave dust receptacle that you can clean more easily and more effectively but let's come to the big news, the roomba at 7 has smart mapping intelligent pan whose inspiration a sensor scans all the parts and stores plans of up to ten floors in a cloud via the Wi-Fi network unlike other models and do not forget this data once the cleaning done the other the irobot home application gives you the possibility to name the parts and program to köhler they must be cleaned on time has come to conclude the main values ​​added irobot ice is its cleaning performance improved to that of the models in the series 600 intelligent mapping allowing acp and robben to memorize plants of ten stories maximum and finally the dust receptacle drooling and two rubber extractors for reduced maintenance load here it was the main thing about the exceptional irobot roomba at 7 the best in the world for me lektronix

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