[Music] so the technology from the irobot roomba comes from the folks that figured out how to put a man in space that's how much technology it is over 25 million sold and this is the latest and greatest generation we've always loved the we've always loved the Roomba we've always loved it we've always thought it was like having like you know housekeeping you know come over to your house and like clean your house and you're like it's so wonderful but now you can turn it on from anywhere whether you're at work and you're and someone calls and says Oh someone's come over for dinner by the way this is in the future we know that no one's coming over but you guys are all home now but this is great to have the app that I can just push the word clean and then you can see this guy right here turn on and start there he goes there he goes by the way most people when they get a Roomba named it because it kind of becomes a member of your family and if you have pets I will say and and it sees my feet are there it's just gonna go around them it's just gonna go around or I could move my feet if I want and it'll it'll map out the area where it's gonna clean so it doesn't clean like you and I do you know with a vacuum cleaner going like this it Maps it out and then it systematically cleans the area not once not twice but three times I do want to mention at the top of this presentation that we are implementing a company-wide 90 day return policy on all of our items and that this includes our iRobot because we don't want anybody to have any stress and worry about oh I've got to go out here I got to go out here and return this or that so you have 90 days with this amazing special now that's what you're getting you're seeing the value there you're getting the I Roomba the the the home base charging but you were also getting the virtual wall there's the extended returns right there on your screen the virtual wall by itself is a $60 value and we've got them out on the set you can take a look and see the virtual wall so I'd love to show you the value of everything that you're getting today with the today's special you guys yeah we're gonna pop that up on the screen because it's it's really pretty cool that you're getting all the extras so the iRobot it with the Wi-Fi the remember this is the latest ingredient this is the Wi-Fi connected version is 269 the virtual walls and what that does is creates literally a virtual wall so your Roomba stays in the room you that you want cleaned it's there $60 it's it would be three hundred and twenty nine dollars it is $100 off of retail today and we're going to be doing lots of demonstrations and we're actually gonna go live to the home of my good friend Lea little who is the guest for the iRobot Roomba Lea I want you to at midnight and I know more about your puppy in every shot and wants a lot of camera time exactly and then he's been sleeping all day because he was up til 2:00 a.m. last night so welcome to my home Dallas is here joining us as well he's right now just hanging out in the living a little nap taking a little nap and now okay here we are gotcha live TV gotta love it let's get the Roomba going so we have one of them set up here you can use the app like Helen just showed you or if you're not so techie OneTouch to turn it on one touch of that center button to say go clean my room and now take a look around it's going to make a map of the room deciding where it wants to go because like you said Helen it doesn't clean like we do in sort of a predetermined back-and-forth pattern it makes its own map of the room and decides where it wants to go when it wants to go there so the beauty of it is if you have a nice big open floor plan like we do what's gonna happen is the Roomba oh by the way it just stopped because that wall invisible walls stopped it from going in that direction but it creates a map of the room and then decides where it wants to go and when it wants to get there the beauty is at 90 minutes and it's kind it has the ability to take its time cleaning it it'll go back and find anything that it may miss right now it's following along the wall it's gonna go right back into the corner we have our other Roomba over here I'll take this one out of the way for a moment and just let it do its thing hey Dallas curious about it it's just a puppy but he's not afraid of it at all it's a Clemson you know what kind of pet you have it what their temperament is we see on those fun videos who people having their pets white on the room but it's entirely up to you you know how you want to interact with it but notice as it's going around again that chair the legs of the chair and we know let it go from the hardwood you see here on the floor right onto the carpet the throw rug and whether it's a high pile rug or a low pile rug again it's deciding where it wants to go and when it wants to get there and it will keep on doing that work for you for 90 minutes so remember it's not going to work just like we do but it is going to get that work done for you no matter where it is in your home you want it to be played how cool is that well I will say Lea I vacuumed about a lot in my life and I don't think I've ever vacuumed for 90 minutes straight right me either do the work going right now on to this hi shag rug and again it's not afraid of it at all it's deciding where it wants to go and right from the hardwood on to that high high pile rug it's going over to the wall and notice it slows down as it gets to the wall what's happening is that it has the soft touch bumper so it realizes it wants to go slowly now it's gonna turn the corner and go over into our roll now if you want to just pick it up you can automatically reset it wherever you want it to go again just one touch it's already been activated so one touch and it's gonna continue on its mission so if you have a nice big open floor plan like we have here it'll move from room to room from area to area on the entire floor surface and it's moving over here to this thinner area well let's just get dirty right what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna activate the spot cleaning mode and when we do that if you have an area that is particularly dirty like this one but I'm gonna dirty up for you the room will stay in that radius about a 3-foot radius looking for dirt kicking in the dirt detect and staying in that one spot whether it's on the carpet or whether it's on the hardwood it's actually making 60 decisions a second with forty different behaviors and my feeble mind can hardly even actually understand and fathom what 60 decisions the second really means right I think I could never do that one of the most wicked smart people I know I just have to say well I think that what are the smartest thing you could do is delegate my mom my mom is a college professor she she is like you take your energy and use it for you know the things you would that you care about that you need to do this is not something that I don't need to be spending my time doing this when I've got the iRobot Roomba doing it for me I'm gonna do some demonstrations here in the studio first of all turning it on you know when you turn it once if it's in sleep mode you'll see it turns green and then you press it again and it turns on it Maps this area and you can see we've got some dark-coloured you know pet hair now if I had a upright vacuum I would vacuum like this in lines and columns but the iRobot Roomba is mapping it out electronically in its brain remember it's that brain that is developed by the smartest engineers and scientists in the world that did some of the robotics from NASA is literally that same technology and it goes around and around three three times it'll go over the same area but it knows exactly if it's missed a spot it's not like it's missed a spot but you know it'll never miss a spot because it's mapped out everything and I'm gonna come over here to that that was hair and then maybe you've got a tile for floor you know linoleum you hardwood carpet it'll go from one to another super easy and it also has you'll see these little guys sticking out there like little feelers and they're sensing where the little crumbs are and the you know where the dust is so these are pretty big kind of particles that's a great animation showing that this is the underside of the iRobot Roomba and it basically sweeps it in to the area underneath to get those things now I'm gonna come over here this to me is really shines this patented technology so suppose you've got an upstairs in a downstairs and you have your iRobot Roomba going on upstairs you are you worried like oh gosh I hope it doesn't fall down the stairs or you've got cords everybody's got cords you know you've got your cords you know for all sorts of things your television set your we were like oh how do I keep it from going over it so I'm gonna turn this one on and I faced it right towards the end of the cliff right and you will see that you don't have to it's not like a toddler where you have to put a screen up it'll sense it and look at that isn't that incredible it'll it creates an imaginary wall for itself so it doesn't fall off the edge and you see how it's going right up to the edge and sensing it now you're gonna see it's gonna come over here and going over that cord it's just it's just ignore it it's not you know kind of sucking it up if you if I had a vacuum it upright vacuum and I went over this court I would have to turn the vacuum cleaner off turn it upside down pull the cord out or avoid the whole air you know avoid the cord altogether it's actually less work in so many different ways so it's not like you you have to even be in the room you don't even have to be in the room Lea to take care of this right you don't even have to be home yeah because with the app you could be out of your house maybe at the grocery store and set the app touch it and literally let Roomba do the work because it's working on Wi-Fi I love how you just showed that cliff detection and the way that it works are there are sensors that are right here and that's how it's noticing and getting to the edge so what happens is that it senses the edge and then it says I don't want to get go in that direction it's one of the 40 behaviors that it has as its making those decisions this is that side spinning brush which was able to grab all of those tiny little particles and those food pieces that you just saw in front of Helen and these are the oscillating wheels this is what allows it to go from floor surface to floor surface moving seamlessly and then I want to show you since we just did that spot cleaning here's all you're gonna need to do to empty the bin you open it up you don't even have to get your hands dirty because you can put this right into the trash but now I'm gonna show you all of those tiny little bits that we had around here the Roomba has gathered them all for us so again that goes right into the trash and it even tells you when it's full and it's time to empty the bin some really simple and easy navigation and again to your point Helen you don't even have to be home you can let that Roomba do the morning as a matter of fact I think Dallas and I are just gonna have a speed over here and let the Roomba go to work because the other part is you could be doing anything else you want to be doing whether that's you know reading a book a lot of us are homeschooling our kids now helping the teachers out remotely so you don't have to be babysitting the Roomba in any way shape or form if you are taking care of loved ones if you're trying to multitask and get so much done at home or spending more time at home so we're bringing more dirt into the house right as we are out and about the Rumba can do the work well you can spend your time doing other things and you know for when you think about it how much would you spend for just one time for a housekeeper to come over to your house now the Roomba can cleaning up your home for 90 minutes at a time well you're out and about doing anything else you want to again that wall follow technology this is part of the iadapt technology and that I adapt allows it to adapt to its situation so it's taking a look around if I block you on my foot here notice how it turned around and went the other direction so you have something that has a lot of muscle power that's gonna get that work done for you well you can be doing other things and notice as it's going right underneath the chair notice as well than it's going from the hardwood seamlessly right on to the carpet here and the beauty of it is you're able to use this in a way that is so simple and easy because you just let it run once it's run for 90 minutes it'll go back home and recharge itself go back to the docking station then it takes about an hour to recharge the entire unit and then it's ready for another 90 minutes so you've got something it really does give you a great simple and easy way to clean your home not only in the living room but let's go into the kitchen because a lot of times that's where we find all kinds of goodies underneath the toe kick right so as we move into the kitchen I'll show you here some of the I adapt technology and how it works take a look as it maps the room again because it's only three inches in the height right you'll find that decided you doesn't want to stay in the kitchen so it's gonna go back over into the dining room as well right on to that carpet right around the corner and once you go into the bedroom not right now as it's making those decisions it has succeeded through the second 40 different behaviors really a mind of its own because what happens oftentimes and as your Roomba is working and it's making those decisions it's deciding where it wants to go if it finds a particular dirty area it's blinking right now clean that means the dirt the type of kicking in it's noticing that there's dirt here it's getting crowded before Dallas does and I'll put that in its pack so he grabs it along the way and then all you have to do is empty the bin it's really that easy yeah it's I mean nothing could be easier than having somebody else do the work for you Leah that's really what this is about this technology right I mean when you think about the technology of our cell phones how much better it's gotten I know when the Roomba first came out everybody loved it but this has been made even better like you're gonna be amazed by the way this has been very very popular all day Adam has a really fun show later tonight called open house and he's gonna have the final presentations of that show tonight we are saying get this home use it for three months it's only 38 dollars and 33 cents on flex pay for you to get home a genuine high Robot Roomba this is not one of the imitators this is this is the original and this is the latest and greatest model so when you're thinking about investing in your home and I know so many of us are like looking around our house going what what it needs to be better even if you have like a great vacuum that you really love but there's those times maybe you don't feel like vacuuming maybe you've got a pet and you've got a vacuum every single day I've got lots of friends that have the kind of pet that sheds a lot and that they've got a vacuum every single day or it just gets like too crazy that this'll every day go through the house and vacuum so you're good probably wondering how good does this work so you see this sort of very pretty beige colored carpet I'm gonna put some just like a little bit of you know sand dirt and it's you can kind of hardly see it even if and I'm not even gonna step on it so to kind of ground it in because I don't want you to think it's like laying on top I want to make it harder and then I'm gonna turn this on and then we're gonna come back to it and so you guys can take a look and see how it gets everything up and we do a light carpet with different things on top because we want you to see it challenged we want you to see it you know not like oh this is a super easy thing we want you to see it all kinds of thing like light grain you know pet hair we showed you earlier we're showing you now the let me turn it on so it's in sleep mode you push it once to turn to wake it up a second time you push the button it'll start cleaning and by the way it does come with a docking station I don't want to assume that everybody knows how the eye eye robot works so when it's done or you turn it off it goes back to its little home right here which is called a docking station it knows where it is and it just goes home all by itself and then when it comes back here it charges itself so it'll come back there and charge itself but without you doing everything now by the way this is included this is a virtual wall so maybe you've got a big open space that lead like Leah has you can put down the virtual wall and it'll sense this it's this imaginary beam and it won't go past that so lots of different reasons by the way we're here live so if you have any questions you can call in our toll-free testimonial line is but it stays away so Dallas can go eat his food and the Roomba will stay out of Dallas his way as thousands eating so when you think about some of the really brilliant behaviors here it's amazing what I feel like I'm feeding it because the Roomba is making those second bite second decision knowing where it's been knowing where it's going know knowing where it wants to go next notice by the way it has no business with Dallas that we care a bit but what's interesting is that it goes right underneath the toe kick here of the dishwasher notice also despised because it is such a small footprint it's about the size of a dish it's about 13 inches in the diameter so a little bit wider if you will in the diameter of a dish and by the way it weighs about the same as a gallon of milk so it's about seven pounds a gallon of milk weighs about eight pounds so I'm just gonna grab a gallon of milk out of the fridge since we just happen to be in my kitchen you can carry a gallon of milk you'll be able to move the Roomba from place to place but usually you won't have to worry about that as much because the Roomba is going to do its work for you it's going to in this case follow along that wall its noticed wood dirt detect that it was going to eat up those vegetables that were left behind and now it's continuing on its mission and again it stopped when it ran into that invisible wall that is near the pet ball it's deciding it's gonna go a different direction I won't let it go back and finish this job in the kitchen it really is that easy if you never want to touch it all you have to ever do is empty the bin and it goes right back home to recharge itself yeah and this has by the way been very very popular today we've sold over four thousand almost four thousand two hundred now of our today's special and if you're new to HSN welcome we are a live television channel that it's at about a hundred million homes there's no teleprompter or cue cards all the hosts are speaking to the products that we learn about we have expert guests who tell you all the details we had close to eight hundred new customers today that we're picking up this particular item we're really excited that so many people are discovering us we've been around for over four decades I've been here for a dozen years it's it's a really great place to shop I was a shopper here before I worked here my favorite thing about HSN is something called flex pay so the price of the today's special is to $29.99 which is amazing we're giving you the $60 virtual wall so the price itself is just you know the best in the market lowest price anywhere we're excited about that but what I really love is using flex pay where any major credit card you put down a portion of the total which is 38 dollars and 33 cents and then we send it to you we mail right away we have these in stock so this isn't like going to a store where the shelves are empty if you see it on air we have it in stock we have it available right now so we will send it right to your house and we are doing extended returns because of what's going on we don't want any of our customers being unsafe and having to go out into the world and worrying about return anything that's the last thing in the world we want you to do so you have 90 days three months all the way until July so for returns or exchanges of any any kind we're also shipping it for free so we're not charging to ship it we're gonna pay for the shipping and handling and we're gonna give you six months to pay it off and remember when you use flex pay there's no interest there's no fee it's a not a secret society of like three you know 300 people in a private club with a secret handshake anybody can call in right now and order let me kind of come over here and do another demonstration another thing I love about the Roomba is that it'll get under your furniture when's the last time you vacuumed and you actually picked up your bed moved your couch to get under it you can see how low the profile is of the Roomba and it gets under now this is a bed frame this is actually a very low bed frame that we have under it and even if you store things under your bed it'll go around those things see how it goes in and out from under the bed and it also goes from different surfaces lead to the absolutely beautiful job of showing that to you in our house whether you've got a low pile rug or a shag rug that goes to hardwood floors that goes to tile going from different surfaces that is the kind of intelligent thinking that the iRobot Roomba will do for you it's it's not gonna you you're not gonna have to put a different attachment on your vacuum cleaner you're not gonna have to keep an eye on it oh it's it's now it's on the hardwood floor we put a bunch of crumbs under this bed and it is getting all of that I will tell you that they usually the only time I'll vacuum under a bed or couches if I move so this that you can see the Roomba is doing it for you by the way I think my first guy is done eating can I go over to my first guy okay so let me get down here so I put a little bit of this fine sand in this carpet that you see here this light colored carpet and let me get let me see let me see what kind of snacking my robot did here let's just take a look here oh my goodness that's what it got out of the carpet and by the way this is the little cartridge that goes in and that's how easy it is but look at this that was in the carpet and that's what that's what it got out of it so you're saying well is this a good you know is that good enough is this a good enough vacuum and I want you to take a look at that demonstration right there that does that so this guy is still cleaning up going under things and Leah this this is amazing this has been very popular and I know you've been doing shows all day long and I know during Adams open house show you have your final presentations how long has it been since we've had a today's special with the Roomba I think it's been a while oh my gosh I want to say maybe six months or so and we've never been able to show it to you in my house it's so cool actually action like I see it every day and like you know 25 million people see theirs in their home because it's exciting to kind of see what happens if it's gonna interact with the curtains or if it really cares that they're there it's going to choose where it wants to go it can go all the way underneath your nightstand it's about to go underneath my bed so I'm just gonna redirect it over here and so what's really great is that it can move from room to room can go over the threshold of a doorway it can move on to like you were talking about on to carpet or on to hardwood you can even do that sneem lessly if you have say a throw rug on your hardwood and then it just decides where it wants to go next what I love is that the intelligent behavior the iadapt behavior means I don't have to worry about my billowing curtains here because Roomba has no interesting those printers that's not what it's here to do right that's not what it's here to clean up and then what I really like too is that docking station over here in the corner if I hit the dock button it can go home if it wants to if it's gonna continue cleaning but it's really nice is that it's almost like a beacon calling to it it's looking for the docking station and check it out it's found the docking station it's going home to recharge itself because we ain't finished from the bedroom as we speak yeah and it goes back into itself I mean there's a lot of things that I have in my life that I forget to recharge like my cell phone imagine if your cell phone when it was running low it would it would immediately come out of your hands and go charge itself right so it goes back home recharges itself and think about it you didn't have to unravel a cord you didn't have to you know pull it out of a closet somewhere you're able to just let the Roomba do its work and you are able to go around the business of your day so whether it's in the bedroom whether it's in the living room whether it's in the hallway you name it and if you ever do want to send it into a different direction or a different area you can pick it up because it weighs just less than a gallon of milk and you can move it from room to room and decide where you want it to go and you can also do that with the invisible wall so the invisible wall if you don't want to close a door which you can of course just do that as well but if you want to just leave it you know out running you can use that invisible wall to let it be on its mission without you having to redirect it and again it'll read for up to 90 minutes through vacuums for 90 minutes well I do but I don't one second exactly and then let it go for ninety ninety minutes right so whatever you have in the kitchen I think it's really messy right I don't even know how things sometimes show up in the kitchen but the rumor will find them and it will gobble them up for you so if you want to have that cleaner healthier home that's what this is all about because the longer you have it the cleaner your house is so the first couple times you use it you may find that it runs for 90 minutes after that it made only run for thirty minutes because you're constantly because it's already grabbed all the accumulated dust the dirt out of the carpet give old carpets you need that I was horrified when I first use this in my home after having it professionally clean because when I found Dallas is competing here for our food we speed over that go and find that's it you didn't even know was there not only the big particles that you do see but also the small little teeny tiny particles so that you're not breathing in that dust in that dirt you spend it on its mission you let it do its work and then you can walk away and spend time with the kids spend time you know facetiming grandparents spend time home schooling I'm learning I'm relearning things we fifth grade that's not tension my daughter at home that I've forgotten for thirty years it's amazing what you can do when you have all that time back yeah I know Victoria's young of my daughters in college so luckily I don't have to homeschool her but I don't wanna doing that I just want to show you what I have to do when I smack you my house nothing I have to do it's gonna go around and it's going to get all the nooks and crannies and go over and over and I love the technology where it actually maps it out its patented technology and I know that there are on the market now there's other brands of robotic cleaners but this is the original this is the one that has the nology that's actually patented and you're you know try it out we're giving you three months to use this in your house it's only 38 dollars and 33 cents on flex pay we ship with the first payment the first payment on flex pay you pay your shipping in your tax shipping is free so it's the tax of the item in 38 dollars and 33 cents and then we mail you your I Robot Roomba this is the 600 series 671 I want to make sure everybody knows that this is the latest and greatest it is Wi-Fi connected and what does that mean there's a free downloadable app for your smartphone or your tablet and you can tell it to vacuum from anywhere not only in the house but anywhere out of the house too if you're at work and on the way home and then you're thinking oh gosh I really should vacuum or you can even set it up on a schedule where it vacuums your house every day three o'clock maybe when you leave to go to to worker or maybe you've got maybe when you sleep in one room you can have the Roomba vacuum your living room while you're sleeping and I know that these are very these are strange times we're living in I can't I mean we're out here I mean here in the studio by myself with a camera that's a robot to you you guys are you know home we don't know what's happening and when it's gonna happen but I will say that when we're home assessing things it's it's this is a good time to think about introducing a way to make your life easier let's say when we go back to work it's gonna feel crazy busy because we're so used to having all that time on our hands we're gonna wonder how did we ever get everything done I'm gonna tell you how you can get everything done in the future it's by getting the iRobot the item number is on your screen by the way it's seven zero three eight six seven so if you've never ordered from HSN before that's how you order it's by the item number and you can go to our website we have a home page hsn.com and our today's special is always resting right there on the home page so it's actually one of the things where if you don't know the item number it's gonna be sitting right there on the home page because we've got this special for one day one day only you're looking at the animation and you're looking at the details how the cleaning works how how it goes on hardwood floors and it on carpets big shag little this is a company that's been around for over 30 years now we're half way more than halfway through our presentation we're get about 20 minutes left and then Adam has a show called open house later on today and then he has the final presentations and then that's it and at midnight the price goes away the 11 o'clock hour is going to be Andrew Lessman and his incredible vitamins so it's not even gonna be in the 11 o'clock hour at all we don't have you know 50,000 of these sometimes we do like if we have jeans these are my time Gilman jeans that I got here at HSN this is a different kind of a thing so we've sold 4300 of these today since midnight we are including a better deal than you can get anywhere else you are getting a virtual wall and that is a $60 value so we are actually doing a price that is lower than the regular price high we do a little helper sign up in the set I think we just got a little stock of them okay but I would love to show you the values I know we've got the features coming up right here showing you all the wonderful things that your eye Roomba robot can do but it is really we know there's other places where you can buy this but there's not other places you can buy it for this price if we get something in it a today's special our buyers work long and hard to make sure we're giving you something special not just the iRobot four that's 269 everywhere else that we're doing it for lower than just that we are throwing in a $60 value of the virtual wall it is a barrier so it will not go into a room you do not want it to go in so and it's very small we've got we've got them all over the set and it's that it's that little it's that little guy that that's right right there you're taking a look at it right there so I I think you guys are really gonna love it but you know what you don't even have to decide right now you can order it we'll send it home to you you do the flex pay 38 dollars and 33 cents you have three months to decide three months so that's all the way in the middle of July to make your final decision just put it back in the box we give you a sticker in the box slap the sticker on the box and then we take it back but we just don't want anybody to have any stress right about now so we're doing a 90 day return policy now let me show you I've got my tablet here and got the app from Rome Roomba and it's a free app and all I see this button I'm see if I can turn it so you guys can see that it says clean I'm gonna touch that and immediately he hears me or she I think it's a he I'm not sure I like the idea of a guy cleaning yes he's he's gonna clean my house for me there it is and and and that's all you have to do I am basically done with my chores for the day by pushing that button and I could do that let's say I'm at work I'm at my desk I'm getting ready for my shows I could decide yeah I think it's time for me to clean now I moved my feet but I didn't have to because it'll sense them and go around me it is mapping it out seeing what's with this the lay of the land of situation seeing where the dirt is making a mental note I'm gonna come back to that area because there's more dirt that I'm gonna come back and get that but it'll cover the whole area not once not twice I'm gonna leave my feet here oh there's something new it's just gonna go around it's gonna go back and it's going to clean this whole area three times I am really excited for those of you who are ordering this I have this item and it is one of those things that you you think well what did i do before that like what did i do i I do have another I also have a cordless vacuum I do have another one and if something spills I usually kind of grab that as well so I don't want to say that this is the only thing in that I've never used another vacuum again in my personal life just full disclosure I do but it's great to have to get everything in your house all the time so it's much more thorough than I would ever be see how it sort of sees something there it has this very soft kind of like bumper that it comes up and it won't it will it'll come right up to the walls and then the little spinner guys will spin and gather up all the dust and bring it in I think it's really worth it for you guys to give it a try there is nowhere else we're gonna get this deal those are the little spinners I talked you about it's underneath and they're constantly rotating and what they're doing is they're they're kind of scooping up any you know pet hair or dirt or things that are kind of on the surface of the carpet to bring it in underneath where the vacuum part is I'm gonna come over here I want to give a little walk over here we see where the virtual wall is that's what this little guy is right here see see it you can leave that maybe you can leave it somewhere in your house you can leave it all the time or you can move it around however you want to do it but that's a virtual wall that comes with it I think one of the best reasons to get the Roomba is if you have a lot of pet hair and you're somebody that's got a vacuum every day and you're like oh I'm so busy right now we don't feel like we're busy at all but it's gonna be kind of overwhelming whenever I don't know how things are gonna come back but if you're if you're you know off of work for awhile and then you're going back to work or the kids are home and it's like and then you've got to drive them here drive them there I remember my daughter was younger it was like this I feel like a chauffeur I was driving her everything I when was the last time I vacuumed this is all you have to do you just push a button I mean pushing a button and having okay that chore is taken care of imagine if you could push a button and the dishwasher would empty itself or if you put you know you push a button and the house would dust itself I mean this really is something that is a game changer over gosh four thousand three hundred and sixty eight thousand sold today we have about twenty minutes left I want to show you look at the black pet hair that was on this beige rug it is going to get every little drop of it now if I had a vacuum I would do like lines like this this doesn't think the way we do it maps out the area and goes over it and goes over it and that's pet hair what about you've got like kind of a spill like a cereal or dog food you know those kind of crunchy things you know crackers that fall on the ground it's you can hear it it's sweeping it up gathering it up getting everything and you don't have to worry about it and don't you always spill the things when you're like running out the door that's when I feel like the biggest spills go the next demonstration over here I think is the most impressive it really shows the technology that the iRobot has so you've got basically like a cliff maybe this is the top of this stairs you don't want it to go and you say oh no it's gonna fall down the stairs and break but I'm gonna turn it on and watch what the iRobot Roomba does it comes towards it like it's gonna start cleaning and it recognizes that there's nothing there and it turns itself it's like it's got common sense now the other thing on this table is that cord we all have cords going all over the place have you ever vacuumed it like brought a cord up into your vacuum you've got to shut the vacuum off you got to take it out well the iRobot Roomba has technology inside that it will suck the cord off and get caught into it it'll just ignore it it'll go over it you'll watch it'll go around to go over it but it won't bring it up in there it's it's gonna get every inch of it and it's gonna do it meticulously over and over and over again you don't have to move anything look it's gonna go right over it look it's like nope not interested it's just basically like moves the decide it's really amazing and I know I know Leah's standing by it has more great demonstrations but we've we've only got about 16 minutes left in the show there's some Leah are you proud of me because this is usually you doing all this right I was just thinking to myself in such a fun way because it really is fine I mean to be able to go over those cords and then back itself out of it it's fascinating isn't it I mean you always want to play with your Roomba and I love as you were describing it Helen it's almost like we start to give it these personal traits like this human-like behavior right because it becomes kind of a part of the family and then once you're done with whatever Alan was cleaning up there with a pet hair and when it comes to the pet food that she was seeing him all you do is empty that out in I'm showing you how much it's picked up but you would just empty that out into your trash so you never actually have to get your hands dirty you never have to touch that dirt as well so I'm just gonna clean that up again using the spot clean so Helen just a little tip for you if you don't want to pull out your other upright just clean up those spot messes you can hit the spot clean and it will go in a it'll go wider and wider to about a 3-foot rating and it will clean up anything that's in that spot and not only that the dirt-detect will check in and know where it's super dirty so it'll stay in that area and continue to clean it up as Dallas and I are just kind of lawyers here watching because that's the beauty you can let it do its work you can go and do other things and beyond with your day Dallas watch it over here come over here baby so now again cleaning noticing as it's going on to the hardwood going around the rug and then from there all you have to do is empty the bin so you're not gonna eat that we're going to let the Roomba get it by the way that's a great illustration if you do have a pet you don't want your pet to be going and you know finding the things on the floor we don't feed Dallas human food which is why those little green beans he's going crazy over that he's realizing like oh that's good so what's really nice is it really becomes part of the family looking out for your pets it's really great to be able to let it do that spot clean and find just how powerful it is because notice the carpet marks that it's made as it was doing some of that spot clean and then if you want a wider area you can put it over here we'll do a little more spot cleaning as well it has that suction power because it's not having to defy gravity it's not having to pull it into up from an upright up through a – right it's right here on the surface level like sitting here on the brown so it has to work less hard in some cases because it's not having to fold it suction up but it's working plenty hard you're looking at something that in many cases can replace the upright because of that power when you think about iRobot we've been operating I've been offering the iRobot now for more than ten years here at HSN and I can tell you with every model that comes out it seems more and more powerful and does more and more things because the iRobot team listens to you if there's any feedback that you have every model they tried to build on the learnings of the last and that's of course from those brilliant minds at MIT right the wicked brilliance that comes from the iRobot team is astounding to me when I get on a training call with them they tell me about some of the new technology I feel like a kindergartener as I'm just sitting there you know listening to them talk about the new development and again they made it so easy because all the technology is on the inside so all you have to do is empty the bin it's really quite simple and easy and you open it up get rid of all of that trash right into the trash compactor and then you can stand Roomba on its way let's see where it wants to go next question what about the filters so with the filters on average if you want to clean them out you just open up and in and this one's gonna be dirty of course cuz I've been using it all day but you open up the bin and you tap out the dirt that's in there so you just give it a good tap as you pull out that filter now if you want to replace that filter and I would suggest doing that every six months then you can order the new filters every six months you can replace them and what's great about is if you keep the filter really clean then the efficiency of the robot is gonna be even greater for you over time because it's going to be able to work more efficiently because we do a replacement kit I just want everybody to see this as we come to the end of the presentation you get three filters and you can also get a way to clean the brush roll and an extra brush roll so this is available so when you're calling in to order you can add that to your order if you would like we do have those in stock as well I know we've got just a couple more minutes I wanted to show you you know just a couple more demonstrations live in the studio kind of filling this up with a with the sand that it's it looks like you know you can barely see it on the carpet I can't even see it at all when I put it down there I want to make sure that I show everything that this guy could do in the in our last couple of minutes whether you've got little tiny grains of sand or you've got little that looks like little bits of cereal and this it's gonna go meticulously map it out and get every last little bit I do want to show you in our final ten minutes I really want you to treat yourself so if you're thinking about ordering now is the time to do it this launched at midnight and at midnight tonight the special goes away there's only one more show it's an Adam show open house tonight that's the only other time you're gonna see this today so now it's the time to order we've got the brand-new lowest price ever of the irobot roomba you are getting the virtual wall this is a $60 value we are including it so for less than the price of the robot you are also getting the virtual wall this is a one-day one day only special and is the final 10 minutes of the show free shipping and handling we r to send it right out to you and you also have six months to pay it off here is the if purchased separately the I room the irobot roomba by itself is 260 9.99 the virtual wall for my robot is $60 59.99 you would pay 320 $9.98 for this here at HSN and in retail that's the price but we are doing a special we had we got in a small amount and when that sells out that's that or or it turns midnight whichever happens first that's the end of it that's all we have in by the way at midnight no matter what the price is gonna go up because it's only a one-day special that's how we do everyday we have a brand-new today's special launches at midnight ghosts till midnight and that's the the end of it I also want it so now's the time to buy now's the time to pick this up I also love the idea that it'll go places that I don't feel like going like honestly bending over and pushing the button I feel like I've done my work for today I'm pretty much I'm pretty much done I'm not gonna move the bed and vacuum under the bed I'm not gonna pick up the couch in the living room and vacuum under it I'm not gonna even I'm not I sometimes I don't even go all the way under the dining room table after dinner when you've got all the crumbs under the table to just push the button and have it go in between all the chair legs in the dining room every day imagine every single day you don't have to be like isn't your job to do it is it my job how about push that button that's all you have to do o as this guy keeps going on I want you to see that it's going over different surfaces it's going under this little nightstand how many times have you even picked up something light like a nightstand I don't think I've ever done that except when I move you know do you put your furniture up and then you know it's like Oh looks like I haven't vacuumed under there in 10 years the I Robot Roomba will be doing that for you now if you are an allergy sufferer like I am it's allergy season here in Florida some allergies are bothering me if you're somebody that has an allergy sufferer and this is wonderful for two different reasons one you're not vacuuming no matter how great the vacuum is you're around the dust and stuff when you're vacuuming you know it'll it'll get the dust off the ground so that when you're walking you know going around your house you're not in contact with that it really robot cleaning is like the greatest thing in the world we've yet to invent a actual robot that comes in and uses you know it goes around your house and cleans this is the next best thing it cleans more thoroughly than you will it even cleans large debris small debris and it's a patented system you've got that sweeping system multi-surface brushes it's got the amazing suction so if you've got a thick pile carpet it's gonna go down deep and get up all that dirt hardwood floors tile linoleum a berber carpet a shag carpet it really will do everything Leah and I know that we've just got about seven minutes left in the presentation so I don't know if you want to make sure you get in more demonstrations come on over let's take a look at it I'm gonna just direct it in to gently guide it into the dining room now remember it's gonna decide where it wants to go it's making those decisions on its own so right now I'm kind of just blocking its way so it decides to go back over here or you can just simply pick it up of course but what's great is that you said Helen when you are you know going around a room that's just when you are you know in the dining room maybe you don't want to argue with the family about who is going to do the cleaning well now the Roomba can do the cleaning and what you'll find is that again it's moving from surface to surface it has already done a pretty good job cleaning over there and it knows it so I'm probably there force it to go back over there but it really doesn't want to it wants to go clean someplace that it hasn't cleaned already so we'll just let it kind of continue on its mission here it's working again on the rug here and then when you're ready to go and do that bin of course it ready to the edge of that rug really simply and easily you just go and empty the bin so we're gonna press clean to restart and we'll just restart it right over here in the theory of the room I didn't like me kind of redirecting it that much it has a mind of its own let it do its thing it knows what to do it's going to map out that room and it's going to even kick into that dirt-detect right now knowing where it has to clean that there it goes right into the hardwood right from the carpet going right over it's deciding it's gonna go out toward the back making its next decision and again it's detecting the dirt right here as well all right but where do you want to go next you lead the way usually you can be out doing anything else you want to be doing at the time which is what makes this really such exciting technology you know what the unusual thing about our presentation is that you and I are standing there watching the Roomba following around usually the best thing about this product is that you and I could be out to lunch somewhere when the world open up is opens up again and the route the the Roomba will be vacuuming your house so I'm going to show you what this guy has gotten in our in our studio here I wonder if he's gonna come over here I'm just gonna grab it I want to show so let me just put this down so that I can pop it open and and show you everything that you look at this Wow honestly you know I'm not the expert doing the demonstrations this this was from you know this this light colored rug which honestly didn't look like it had that much stuff in it but it really does we're coming to the end or the hour Leah I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Dallas throughout the day I know that you've got another presentation coming up in Adams open house show I think it's between 8:00 and 10:00 he's got a couple presentations in his shows not yet in the 9 p.m. hour will be next so if you did an amazing job and I know we'll come back and see just a little bit I want to make sure everybody at home knows this is the time to order we are doing this special for only one day you get the $60 value virtual wall included this is the latest and greatest this is the Wi-Fi connected so you can get that free downloadable app and and turn it on from anywhere or you can just simply wake it up and push the button it's either way it's fine if you're somebody that's like well wait a minute I didn't want apps and this and that I don't want to bother with it no problem button the on button super super easy and by the way there's no fees monthly fees yearly fees there's no kind of fee of any kind to use the app that app is free all you do need Wi-Fi in your house though you do you do need to have Wi-Fi I like that when it's done vacuuming it also goes back to the home base this is the home base it'll come right back to the home base and charge the chargers so at the end of its cleaning it automatically comes to home base and automatically charges so it's ready for the next time you want to clean your house the iRobot Roomba this is the 671 that's the model this is the series Lea and I over the years have presented different you know when it first came out we presented it there was different level this is the latest and greatest it's now Wi-Fi enables it cleans even better there's advanced features that haven't been you know the new new inventions new patents there's the premium three-stage cleaning system it now has dual multi surface rubber brushes that's new the runtime is now ninety minutes I think it was like an hour before the dirt detection technology that's patented the dual mold virtual wall barrier that's that's another upgrade and improvement and then of course the whole Wi-Fi where you can connect it and schedule it from anywhere and when we say anywhere you literally mean anywhere you could have your cell phone or your tablet and have the app and be anywhere in the world and be able to schedule that so I want to say thank you so much Leah you did an amazing job and Dallas and I'm guessing the cameraman was Darren and Darren's been doing all the hard have you lifted around here and Roomba knows were done going home to knock itself and recharge how about that well why don't you recharge my friends for the next show you there thank you I love your colorful descriptions of the Roomba it was really enjoyable to hang out with you today thank you my friend they well you know I'm gonna name mine you know that what's your did you name yours Leah my original one was Robbie then we had Rosie okay Robbie and then Rosie all right I like that all right you guys I'm so glad that you were able to hang out with me for this hour and I'm so excited for those of you who ordered to treat yourself to no vacuuming to no work you you don't even had need any other vacuum in your house this will be all you need it's pretty amazing that technology and you do have 90 days to decide whether or not you you love it you want to keep it no questions asked 90 day return policy we've implemented here at HSN free shipping and handling will ship it to you for free and you only put down one sixth of the price and we ship it right away with you putting down one six of the price so so keep shopping we've got lots of exciting things coming up now Marlo had to show before me but she's got more cooking coming up next it's called something's cooking with the Smith with Shannon Smith and Marlo Smith and that's gonna come up right after this break but I will see you back tomorrow I'm gonna be shopping with you with Korres and also with Colleen Lopez we've got two hours of jewelry to [Music]

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