So I am here with my second robotic
vacuum cleaner review no it's not something that I normally look at in the
channel but I life reached out to me and asked me if I'd like to review this of
course I did say yes as you can see I've got the unit here with me so it's a
smart vacuum cleaner and the sense that it doesn't have the mapping so it's not
one of those more advanced expensive models but it has its own system so it's
got a gyro the sensors and it will in a way map out and know where it is at
least you can set it to do a more routine cleaning pattern and not the
just typical automatic going all over the place so a zigzag mode it's got edge
cleaning modes it also has a mop so you can mop floors with this as well so here
you have the washable mop and it's container there you need to fill with
water so you replace this with the typical dustbin if you're not just
vacuuming see you can't unfortunately vacuum and dust at the same time it's
either one or the other you need to decide on what you're doing this of
course is the charging pad here so this is where it dachshund automatically will
dock onto this to charge and we've got a filter a remote so this is the remote
you can control it with this so it doesn't have an application it's not
that advanced it doesn't connect up via wireless or anything like that here is
the power plug the adapter they're European all right here we just have
another spare mop so if you've got one in the wash you can just add this one
and put this one on it of course so under the vacuum you'll find four
brushes there so two you need to use now and then a spare set as well as some
triple-a batteries for the remote and a cleaning tool so sitting it up is quite
easy all we need to do is just clip on here the brushes so they're color-coded
one for the left one for the right suit you have to replace these eventually
they will wear out the brushes so on the left and the right here we have full
sensors this is to of course stop it from falling down stairs it will detect
that and stop itself from doing that 360 degree front wheel the two charging
connector pins there now you notice that the intake on this one is different
it's brushless so it doesn't have a sweeper brush function it literally just
sucks and that is it this is both a pro and a con now why is it a con well
obviously it's not going to be as good on carpets because it's not gonna be
able to brush up things and sweep things off carpets and mats and
even hard floors as well as look about a sweep up things as good and the pro of
this of course is it's not going to get tangled up and caught up with here so
you don't have to keep cleaning it and it also won't hopefully suck up cables
and get cables stuck right in it and the two wheels they've got a nice tread
pattern on here it's a very soft rubber so this won't have any problems with
traction it shouldn't slip and should be able to climb up obstacles of a
centimeter so without any problems and they are spring-loaded of course so just
like other vacuums the weight of the vacuum will then push that right down so
we'll have contact with where it's sucking and of course and vacuuming so
removing the dust button is very easy you simply need to just press down here
and the slots out now I was wrong about the filter it's actually not a washable
filter here so you could see that as a bit of a con unless it's going to have
good filtering performance because normally the washable ones you'll find
that they only remove about 95% of dust particles and things there and that's
quite easy to access you simply just lift this up and then you can replace
that filter and you can of course take out the other filter parts there this
also is removable change that out this you can wash so you
cannot wash the dustbin and there's a big reason behind this because it does
actually house the motor in there so if you submerge that in water you will of
course kill the motor and to empty the dust is a couple of magnets holding this
flap here just pull that open and you can tip out all the dust that's inside
there so on the right of the v8 s we have a power switch and even a DC in
there for charging if you weren't going to be using that dock along the front
here your typical bump sensor so this has a nice soft rubber along here and if
it does bump into things it will detect that and reverse back
there's also sensors located in here to to help with obstacle avoidance so
quickly run over the controls it's very straightforward so you've got start and
pause your cleaning right here you have this exact cleaning option you've got
return to home which is your doctor charge this is there for the timer set
up so you've got the time right now I need to set that time up and it very
easy to simply need to hold the button down and then it with the arrow keys up
and down go through and set your time and this is the spot cleaning mode now
the LED on the top there will tell you the day so you can schedule cleaning you
can have it going every day at a certain time and will also indicate your
remaining battery life – and then the remote is really the same kind of thing
so you've got your different cleaning modes you've got your edge cleaning your
spot cleaning mode your zigzag cleaning you've got the control to start and
pause return home to charge and this is for controlling it if you wanted to
manually control the vacuum so you can angle it and move it around and direct
it towards where for example you've got something spilt on the ground then you
can do that very basic here and straightforward so when you switch over
to mopping the one of the big cons here is it's not going to be able to vacuum
and mop at the same time like some other robot vacuum cleaners so you simply need
to just lift this up add your water here 300 milliliters so now for the
performance test – I'm taking 60 grams of rice and noodles and I'm gonna see
how much each of the vacuum cleaners here will collect with their spot clean
up mode starting out now with the I live v8s with the spot cleanup mode let's see
how much of the 60 grams it will pick out so you can see it's flicking a lot a
wave due to the brushes of course there's something it happens on all
vacuums all right so it's finished it thinks
it's done the job there's quite a bit left but let's measure now and see how
much it collected so I managed to collect 45 grams another Robo rock
version to spot cleanup mode okay so that's a real surprise they look
at how much it lifts it lifts a little less here but let's measure it now and
see how that compares to the v.a.t.s okay so that one managed to pick up 52
grams more or less you could add maybe another half a gram because of some of
its built out so that was a difficult test for any robotic vacuum cleaner
because they're brushes they tend to flick around things like rice and
noodles that's why I tested it so they're more expensive Robo rock version
2 which retails for about 500 US managed to collect 52 grams out of the 60 so it
did an excellent job they're really good not quite as good as I thought it could
have done because it stops as you see in the middle and it didn't actually finish
collecting up everything now the more budget orientated v8s from iLife that
only picked up 45 grams of the 60 but I still feel for half the price that it
did a reasonably good job considering that this is a very difficult test and
it does have those two brushes at the front so like all robotic the vacuum
cleaners that when it gets to an edge for example a staircase then it will
stop itself so because it doesn't have the brush in
the middle that means it's not so great at carpets at sweeping off bits of dirt
and stuff but it does save you from the problem of having threads and pieces of
hair getting stuck in the brush causing you to have to clean it about once a
week and like any robotic vacuum that certain items like rugs for example that
have an edge to them may cause the robot vacuum to get stuck now when it comes to
the cleaning mode the automatic mode that you'll normally use the scheduled
mode it's not very intelligent but at first you think oh it's gonna plan
things out it will go around the edges first but then what happens it will
cross over half of the room then it will actually double back on where it's
already been so it's not the smartest and nowhere near as good of course as
the robotic vacuum cleaners that can map out rooms and know exactly where they
are and where they have been so just like my show me the mopping functioning
on these robotic vacuum cleaners is not really that great as soon as you put the
water in you will start to see some drops coming out so there's three tiny
little droplet holes there whether it will slowly let the water out and it
just like the vacuuming mode will go randomly over the floor so it doesn't
pick up any stubborn stains so if you have dried on coffee and then it's not
going to be able to lift or remove that for example and it does a very light job
so it's not wonderful the mopping mode but you do see a little bit of dirt that
it does pick up so it is something at least but it cannot vacuum at the same
time and more so once the vacuum has finished its cleanup it will simply
return home to dock and recharge itself against my shower I did a recently good
job I feel not quite as good but the main thing is here this costs half the
price of that one now it doesn't have this super smart feature so there's no
wireless notifications you can't control it remotely you can't be at work and get
it to clean but of course you can put on the schedule so you have a scheduled
time for it to run and it's very easy to set up it's not hard at all the controls
are very basic with the remote but that's really all you need and the
performance in general with cleaning their corners okay will sometimes miss
some areas and I feel – because it doesn't have the main brush in the
middle which is sweeping and scraping stuff off the floor a little it's not
going to be quite as good at removing more stubborn stack-on but to do it and
carpets of course this is not going to that great however it's also a bit of a
pro too as well because it's not going to get tangled up with here you don't
have to do any maintenance on a metal brush that's one thing less to maintain
now the container the dust collection 750 milliliters that is pretty good not
bad at all that's a really good capacity that's a lot more than my expensive
sharmi means I don't have to empty it so frequent there and the mopping feature
so the mopping feature again like my show me and that's not good really if
you've got something like stuck on dried coffee that you spilt three days ago you
just didn't have time to clean it up then it will pass over it and it's
literally only gonna remove a tiny fraction of that stainless so you still
have to manually mop your house I feel they're not there I hope one day that
they will apply pressure with the mops I hope you will have one day an orbital
system of mopping and scrubbing at the same time that'll be great but we're not
there yet and definitely not at this price of about two hundred fifty us
there were of things there's well okay the noise 68 this valves it's pretty
loud working time of 100 minutes that's good and also the charge time is more or
less typical so it's between about 3 to 4 hours it's nothing amazing it's not a
super fast charge of it it's only going to be operating once during the day
normally and if you've got a massive house then there is going to be that
large gap where it has to go back and charge and then continue so you do have
to really factor that end so it's a hundred minutes going to be enough for
your house I feel it should be for most places at least in most areas that this
will be working so all in all for the price I do feel that the v8 7 is a good
vacuum it's not perfect for carpets and it's not as fast and as efficient as the
mapping ones but overall very decent thank you so much for watching this a
vacuum review if you'd like to see more vacuum reviews perhaps let me know I can
get in touch with manufacturers that they may possibly see me a review unit
so I can check out more and I hope you like the review and I do hope to catch
you back in the channel bye for now

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