How do you want to go back after a hard day at work and find it clean Clean? Or how about getting your son or pet playing happy at home, without the hassle of them Creating chaos? This does not seem so simple. However, with a robotic vacuum cleaner, it is possible. Everybot is a smart robotic spin mop, and a polisher capable of catching slack. Before going into details, if you are visiting this channel for the first time, Then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon to be notified whenever we post New video. Everybot checks the condition of your decks, works for dust and scrapes, and can be treated Do everything from routinely sweeping floors throughout your home to a guided spot Cleaning in areas that require additional attention. It features seven cleaning modes, and this smart robot is completely customizable to the best Fit your lifestyle requirements. Let it handle the same things automatically as cleaning up, or using a handy remote control To clean exactly where you need it. One-touch control executes light and comfortable Everybot handling, and its wireless design Eliminate the trouble and complex mess of cables. Thanks to its compact design, Everybot can reach areas of your home you might miss, Effortlessly fitted without bed and furniture where dirt likes to rest. Everybot is also equipped with two water tanks and a handy auto water supply The system so that it can work just like a conventional wet mop without the mess. Do you want to clean a surface other than your floor? No problem at all! Everybot is a multipurpose robotic mop that can be used to clean surface other than Your traditional floor.

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