Hi Fred! Today you are going to show us How to maintain a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner? Let's start by raising the hood to remove the dust container Pinch the levers to remove the protection from the rotating brush Then remove the brush Empty the tank about once a week It will depend on the frequency of use Gently clean the HEPA filter with a brush Clean the brush removing any hair that may have become tangled Once this surface cleaning is complete Use a paper clip (or toothpick) to remove dirt clinging to the base of the broom Remove the broom for the same cleaning There is only one Phillips screw to remove Remove all dust from it Reassemble the broom Take advantage of this disassembly to clean areas that are usually difficult to access Put the brush back in its place Then the cover which must be clipped Take a last wipe Finally, replace the dust container Well done, the interview is over 👍 Thank you Fred and see you soon!

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