When you're not home, your cat can get bored. The solution: ROBOCAT! THE ROBOT FOR CATS! It takes care of everything, thanks to its many accessories. Robocat will play with your cat for hours! Its many options will bring joy to your playful tomcat. Your cat will never get bored! You want to play with me ? Buddy! Kitty swallows her dry food too fast and throws up everywhere? No problem! Robocat takes care of everything! Besides, Robocat can calculate the exact amount of kibble your cat needs. The robot divides the portion of cat treats by distributing them one by one, throughout the day. It'll keep them busy. Thus, your cat doesn't eat all at once. You'll never worry about vomit ever again! And when the time comes for the real meal, Robocat is there! Dinner's ready! Robocat can stimulate your kitty's hunter instincts thanks to his "treat catapult" function. It's fun, motivating, and your cat rediscovers the pleasure of hunting. Always stay hydrated, we can't say it enough. Who's gonna get milk? Thanks to its "Quit acting silly" function, Robocat will scold the naughty feline even before he commits his misdeed. Pre-recorded messages will be triggered depending on how bad he behaves. Oh la la, it's wrong! You naughty cat! Don't scratch the furniture! Oh la la, You naughty cat! Don't eat the ham. It's wrong. Robocat also vacuums! Without scaring the cat. It cleans your cat's litter box by disintegrating the poop! It cuddles. It provides catnip. It takes pictures of your sweetheart when you're away. Magnificent. Wonderful. What a beautiful souvenir. For the tidy sum of 300 000 euros (or 1000 euros per day if rented) Robocat will make your ball of fur happy when you're not there. Trust Robocat! THE ROBOT FOR CATS!

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