Bagotte i7 vacuum cleaner Honest Review Hi everyone welcome to my channel i am Francesca and today we're going to make a new kind of video i'll make a review of a smart robotic vacuum cleaner , bagotte i7 This is not a sponsored video, the brand just offered me this product to try it out and give my free sincere opinion and i want to thank Bagotte for this opportunity. this is the packaging of Bagotte Vacuum Cleaner i7 this is the product , soon you'll see the unboxing it is very nice,elegant and funny to see but first i wanna show you 4 principal features: 4 advantages 3-in-1 function that helps to clean in depth strong suction but low noise you will see it soon usually my cats are afraid of my old vacuum cleaner as it makes too much noise but instead when they saw bagotte they thought it was a kind of new pet and they wanted to play with it highly efficient cleaning with highly secure programmable and automatic recharge it is very smart and when battery is low you can just click on the house icon on the remote controller and it will go to recharge on his own another great thing is that it washes the floor so we also have a base with a water tank. Called mop with which we can wash the carpet of the house in a truly way without getting tired because it does everything by itself we do an unboxing together contains this cardboard that protects the interior then we have the instruction manual with the 12 month warranty the main machine body the remote control to turn on and off and make it re-enter the charging base, this is a magnetic strip charger a screwdriver the mop with the tank a spare broom Then we have the filter and a broom to clean First of all we have the guarantee the warranty lasts 12 months and the user manual also has safety instructions in Italian french spanish and german Here are all the pieces contained are this is the remote control is devoid of batteries so we have to put them this is the base of which the vacuum cleaner will go to refill the water tank with the mop we open This cap in rubber and from this hole we can insert the water this is a magnetic strip that we can put in front of the doors or where we don't want the vacuum cleaner to enter This is the container where all the dust and rubbish that will collect is going to end up. No bags are needed so we also save money on not having to buy bags. whoever has a vacuum cleaner knows how much they cost. this is the power button we have to push it twice and it will start working Otherwise we can simply use the remote control as I will later show you We position the magnetic band and clean the floor on which I have placed many cereals. We say that bagotte is designed to clean the dust above all but I wanted to put it to the test with these grains, which I also laid out in a very coarse way, so it does a great job and can also collect big pieces so we can turn it on and let it go to our room completely automatically or we can use the remote control. look it came closer to my foot he saw the obstacle And he immediately turned back. the sensors They are really very valid Now let's try the coffee powder so I spread lots of coffee powder on the floor and let's see if bagotte will clean it all it is very funny to give instructions by remote controller it's important the low noise it makes because it isn't annoying and fastidious like my other usual vacuum cleaner which my cats are afraid of And after collecting cereals and coffee we pull out the drawer and see what's inside as well as coffee and cereal as you can see there's dust and there are lots of hairs I have two cats in the house so imagine the hair that flies around vacuuming at least four or five times a day and I'm not kidding because I have two long-haired cats Now, instead, I want to try the function of washing the floor, so we take the water tank, we open it and we simply don't give it to fill with water without detergent Then we fill the tank well we can spray a little of our detergent directly onto the mop of our favorite spray here you see
These rectangular holes simply apply it over the top we press and he engages we begin to wash the floor we can also radio it with the remote control going automatically by itself obviously I put a pretty high speed because otherwise this video would last a lifetime look at the kitten as he enjoyed watching bagotte cleaning the house! today I have prepared several video recipes so I take this opportunity to wash the kitchen floor as well and look at it when he meets the obstacles Go back. I finished vacuuming and washing the floor just push one button on the remote control in the shape of a house and he will return to the rechargable base did you see? the cloth became dirty . let's say it's really a good helper, his work does it very well, in short, I was pleasantly surprised by this product, I liked it a lot. the price compared to other intelligent vacuum cleaners is certainly low costs about half compared to other brands in my opinion is a valid product Well then what do you think of this vacuum cleaner? It is sold on Amazon (price 199 euros) the company said it will give me a discount code for my subscribers that I will write to you in the info box below this is not an affiliate link , this video is meant to be a review with my sincere opinions I hope that this type of video may interest you let me know in the comments If so leave me a like and subscribe to the channel I send you a big kiss and see you soon with a new recipe Bye bye and thanks for watching

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