Yeah… It’s so great to have a housemaid in house. I don’t have to do all the housework from
now on. Yes, 360 S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has been
helping me to clean the house every day now. Besides sweeping, it also have mopping ability. That’s make the environment even cleaner. In short, S6 Robot is so intelligent and will
do the cleaning task by its own once everything is setup. By the way, do check out S6 Robot’s unboxing
video for more information about package contents and their functions too. Alright, here is what I experienced for the
past few weeks. Great cleaning result. Period. 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can start working
without any application. But mobile app will unleash its full potential. First of all, S6 will start to scan the environment. Then it draws accurate maps with the help
of multiple sensors. It starts to clean the surrounding first,
follow by wave shape pattern in the middle then. Yup, it can be controlled and monitored with
mobile application that available on both iOS and Android. 3 speed modes to choose – powerful, normal
and quiet. And it is much quieter than handled vacuum
for your information. Noise levels are from 50 to 60dBA depending
on the speed mode that you select. I select powerful mode as default because
it does not drain much battery in that mode. In short, S6 is able to clean 1 square meter
per minute on powerful mode. And it also drain 1% of battery life too. Therefore, it can clean up to 80 square meter
before running out of battery. And self-return to charging base. Yes, more than enough to clean my semi-D house
ground floor as you can see. Finally, it needs around 2 and a half hour
to fully charge. By the way, here is the result on ground floor
that without cleaned for 2 days. Dust and hair can be picked by S6 Robot as
you can see. And it’s easy to clean the dust bin too. As for the water tank, it can last for 20
square meter. Yup, this is the result after mopping 20 square
meter. Basically, I will stop the robot. Clean the mopping cloth and refill the water. Then let it start the cleaning task again. Great to have sweep and mop 2 in 1 ability
here. Much cleaner than just sweeping for sure. What make S6 special? It has the ability to set block off areas. No need additional virtual wall like Xiaomi
Robot Cleaner. Just set the restricted area and it won’t
clean there then. If nothing was set, it will use multi-sensor
for obstacle avoidance. In short, those sensors are working great. And built-in cliff sensors are there to protect
the robot itself from falling from high place like staircase. It also able to climb up low obstacles like
carpet. Need to clean a specify area? No worry, S6 covers it for you too. Just set the desire cleaning area. It will clean the selected area twice by default. Once can be selected too. As usual, it will start to clean the surrounding
first. Then wave shape pattern in the middle. Repeat the process for the second round. But in different wave direction for even better
cleaning result. Great, right? There are even more goodies. With 360Smart app, you can check back the
cleaning history. Set the cleaning schedule. Yes, assign robot to clean the house automatically
while you are working in the office. Or set do not disturb that turn off voice
notification. Firmware can be updated through OTA just like
your smartphone. And you can also restore back previous map
if you use the robot on multiple places or floors. Just pick the correct one before start the
cleaning will do. You can also turn 360 Robot into a toy with
RC mode. Control it with the virtual joystick. My 6 years old boy keep playing with that
mode while robot is not cleaning. Well, that’s all for 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
review. A worth investment that help you clean the
house automatically. No more manual work. Do check out the promotion and buying link
below. Thanks for watching. I am Jayce. And I will see you again. Peace…

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