– Are you lookin' for
the best robotic mop? We purchased the iRobot Braava Jet M6. It's actually the M6110. Probably what, a good two months ago is whenever I did the unboxing
and all the setup stuff that I showed you guys in previous videos. And since we've had it
for such a long time, I wanted to come on and give
you guys my full on review of this thing because I'm likin' it, although there's a couple of things that I wish that they
would change about it. First of all, hi. Hi to all the new dads out
there, this is Dad Reviews. This is where I give you my unedited, hopefully more authentic
look at the products we use and have and use to clean our floors, 'cause we have kids and they're a mess. (laughing) So if you're interested in that, you might want to consider
clickin' that subscribe button. So this right here is the machine. First thing about it is that
it comes with the machine and it also comes with two
of each of the sweeping pads and the mopping pads, I'm going
to talk about the mopping pads later on in the video, but I just wanted to let you all know what it comes with. We ended up purchasing a
mopping pad and a sweeping pad, this is the other sweeping pad right here. And they both seem to work very well. They're very easy to clean. And I'm really liking it. Now, whenever it comes to
cleaning with this thing, first thing that I want
to note for you guys is that down here, look, down at the charging base below this, there's like this little plastic pad, if you will, right here. And because of the way,
you know, it's cleaning up, it's pickin' up everything
and then it's coming back over here and I'm
noticing that a lot of it just deposits right here
on the plastic piece. This does come off of here really easily, so you can take that off
and you can clean it. I didn't do that for this
video 'cause I wanted to show you guys what that can look like after a few runs of the
mop, of how dirty it can be. And it also depends on how
dirty your floors are too. It's going to kind of vary by that. So that's just one thing that
I wasn't really expecting whenever I got the mop in the beginning. I didn't expect there to be
that much dirt and whatnot. Now, whenever it comes to the actual mop, I want to talk about the
sprayer for a second. I noticed a couple of times that whenever I was watching the mop, sometimes the sprayer
doesn't always spray forward. It seems to get clunked
up, junked up or whatever, I don't know what's goin' on. I never wash it, I never
cleaned it or anything. There seemed to be some
kind of buildup there and then sometimes the sprayer
doesn't go all the way. But then a couple of rounds
after that, it'll shoot through. Could just be some of the liquid needing to get through the pipe, it
could be filled with air. I'm not too sure exactly
what's goin' on there. The sensor works great as far
as pressing the home button and getting it to dock. I did notice one time
that our one-year-old came and he likes to come down here and fiddle with the base station. He'll take it and he'll pull it out and rummage through it and whatnot. We always have to come and pick him up, but the cord to plug it in is back here and this will come out,
depending on how much he plays with it, and
that causes a problem 'cause whenever it's
trying to find its home, or you press the home button,
and it doesn't have power to it, then it's never
going to find its home. I realized that the other day, whenever I just was watching it and it was like goin' around
near the home and everything, but it never actually docked. So if you have kids, especially
ones that are crawling and whatnot, they're going
to want to play with it, at least ours did, and
that could easily lead into some of it messing up and
whatnot as far as the power. There is a camera on here. And that is because it
uses a camera system to be able to map out your house, which they plot on your phone for you through the iRobot app. So if you have the app installed, you can, whenever you're
wanting it to clean, you can open up the app and
then once it's opened up, you press the clean
button here and then… Oh, I got to change something. "Move Braava Jet to a new
location and press clean," oh, okay, it's probably because
I have it moved and whatnot. But you press clean and it let's you be able to choose your room. Let's see if… We can go down to Smart Maps here. And then these are all the
different rooms that we have. Like this is our, can you all see that? It's kind of hard to see, there you go, there's our kitchen,
dining room, laundry room. Actually it's this area
right here that we're in. In the entryway. So we have our entryway. We have the dining room, the
kitchen and then back there is the laundry room, so it
maps all that out for you. And then you can add dividers where all of the thresholds are
and then you can tell it, hey I just want to clean the kitchen. Or hey, I just want to
clean the laundry room. Another cool thing is that it
also connects with Google Home or Google Assistant, and
I believe Alexa as well. So if you want to you can
just say the command, Google, or whatever, and say like,
clean the, mop the living room. Mop the dining room, you know,
mop whatever you want to mop. And then it'll automatically
go and do that. Now you can also set it
for a schedule as well. If you want to, if you want
to put it on a schedule at night or something like that, you can do that to where it
just automatically does it. Now the problem with the
scheduling that I find, unlike the robot vacuum cleaners, especially the ones that
have that big thing that can suction into them, there's
a couple of 'em out there. I'm actually interested
in getting one of those. By the way, if you guys want
to check this thing out, I'll link it up down in
the description below. You can go read other
people's reviews about it, don't just take my word for it, although I have been using it for a while and I'm really liking it. But, what was I sayin'? Whenever it came back to the rooms and oh man, I lost my train of thought. But, it does have the
camera system on there. And it does also have… Oh, that's what I was sayin'. Whenever you have it for a schedule, the tank will run out of juice in there, run out of the liquid, and
so you have to refill it. So you really only get,
depending on how much liquid you set it 'cause
there's a slider on there to where you can set whether
you want like a deep clean, a normal clean or a soft clean, and how much liquid you want to come out. That'll depend on how
long it actually lasts, and also the square footage of your house and how much you want it to clean. I found that it seems like
every two to three times it cleans, and that's just
this four area right here, that doesn't include
the rest of the house. I usually can get about
two cleans out of that, maybe two and a half. And that's on a normal settings,
everything is at normal, kind of right in the middle. So that's one downside to it. Another thing too is the
Braava Jet cleaner stuff, is pretty expensive and so, I wanted to show you
guys this in this review. My wife did some research
and she found that this stuff right here is one of the
compatible substances that you can use that's at
a definitely, a better price than what the Braava stuff
is, the original stuff. This is called Bona. I'll link it up down in
the description below so you guys can go and get some of this, but we got the 96 fluid
ounces and it was like, really inexpensive compared to the other. Somewhere around like 10, 15 bucks maybe. And you only use a little
bit of it per load. I actually keep one of
these medicine cups here. And 20 milliliters is
what I fill mine up to. Dump it into the little
tank and then fill up the rest of it with water. And that's all it needs
to get a clean going. Let me go ahead and show
you all the tank real quick so you guys can get an idea of capacity. Now I did want to point out
that I've done some other videos on this, and I noticed someone
bought a different robot mop called, I thinks it's called
the Hobovac or Hobomop or something like that, I'll link it up, down in the description below if you guys want to check it out. It was really interesting
because it's a vacuum and a mop all in one, so you could run the vacuum and it'll pick up all the
debris that's on the ground, and then you can run the mop
and it'll get everything. Or no, wait, it does it at the same time. Like it vacuums and it has the
sprayer right in the middle of the vacuum, and then
it mops on the back of it. So it was really interesting, but the reason why I don't like it is that if you have a carpet or
a rug or anything like that, that's never going to get
cleaned unless you actually take a vacuum to it because it's
always going to want to do a vacuum and the mop as well. So you'd have wet rugs
which would not be good. And that's one reason
why I would like to get a separate vacuum unit
that would be compatible with the iRobot Braava Jet. I don't know if I'm
going to get the Roomba, or Shark makes one that looks really cool. And it's actually a
bagless vacuum as well. I'll link that up, down in
the description below as well. That's the one that I'm most interested in 'cause I don't want to have
to buy a bag every 30 days to replace all the debris
and whatnot in there. Shark makes one that, that's a totally different video isn't it? Let's get back to the mop here. So like I said, I wanted
to show you guys the tank, basically you flip up this
little lid right here. You got to flip up your handle right there and then pull it out. This is the size of the tank. I have it full right now 'cause
I need to run a mop with it and I wanted to demonstrate
it for you guys. I do notice that a
little bit of the liquid collects in the bottom of the robot. I actually right now
need to get a little rag and kind of rinse it out. I don't know why some of it escapes. But I do want to make note of that because if you ever turn this
thing upside down or whatever, it's going to start leaking out. Just one small flaw that I noticed there. Whenever it comes to
taking off the pads here, what you need to do is press
this square button right here. Oh see look, it's leakin' right there. I don't even know why it's leakin'. And the thing just falls right off. It's just these two little
squeeze bars right here. And whenever you press the button it opens it up so that it let's it out. On the pads, there's this
square lookin' thing right here. And that's so that the
sensor knows if it's running the mopping pad, or… Oh wait, it's not that
square, it's somethin' else. Oh yeah, it's off, yeah it is that, it's off to the side a little bit. So this one means… And then you also have the
floor sweeping pad right here. If you all can tell,
one is more to the left, and one is more to the right. And that's to let the sensor know what it's going to be doing,
whether it's sweeping or mopping. Now, I posed a question
about this particular part of the sweeping mop pad up here on my YouTube in another video because I noticed that whenever… I didn't really know what
the function of that was and someone by the user
name of hast, H-A-S-T, mentioned that this is
something to statically charge all the pieces down here so that it can do a better job of picking up. I will say, I'm not as
impressed with the sweeping pad as I am with the mopping pad. I think the mopping pad
works a little bit better. But also, like I said at the beginning, it comes with some disposable pads and I believe that the
disposable sweeping pad is actually better than
the reusable sweeping pad. I don't know, I think it collects better. Now it could also be because
this is more of a gray color and the gray color, you don't
really see as much of the dirt as opposed to the disposable
ones which are white and you definitely see the dirt and the stuff that it collects
on that particular pad. I didn't keep those pads. Oh no, I did, look right here. I thought I threw 'em away. They're in the back. So look, this is the reusable
sweeping pad right here. Again, it has that same,
I don't know what type of material it is right here, but I think they were
telling me that it's used to statically charge so that
it actually can pick up. But you can see how
much it picked up there. This one it didn't pick up as much. I guess the floor wasn't
as dirty or whatever, or I may have taken some out. I don't remember, it was so long ago. But that's the other
sweeping pad right there. And then these are the two
mopping pads that we use. You can tell whenever
we did the first time, we let it run a few times, right? And then this is another time right there. I haven't tried washing
these or anything yet, just to see if I could get
a second use out of 'em. The only thing I really did try is, on this sweeping pad, I pulled
out a bunch of the stuff that was in there and I ran it again. And that seemed to work
for a little while. So all in all, if you're
getting sweeping pads or mopping pads, one,
I'm going to link 'em up down in the description below, but the mopping pads, I
would say get a two-pack of 'cause you're probably, 'cause you have to wash these things. Whether you do it in the sink or whether you do it
in the washing machine, which you can put 'em
in the washing machine. They are washing machine safe
because this back part here on these are plastic,
these are more of like a cardboard material so
you couldn't put these in the washing machine, the reusable ones. But I would recommend two
because you're going to want to have one in the wash
and then you'll have another one to use for the next day
whenever you go to clean again. Unless you're washing it in the sink, then it wouldn't be as big of a deal. As far as sweeping pads,
I probably wouldn't buy another one of these. I feel that I have a
Dyson vacuum right there, that does the job of what
a sweeping pad would do. And I'm interested in
getting the robotic vacuum which would also do the same type of job. So sweeping pad, I think they
just threw this in there. Now another thing that I
wish that they would've did. This is one of the drawbacks that I have for this iRobot Braava Jet M6 is that, it comes with the, it
doesn't have a picture of it, oh yeah look, it comes
with the disposable pads, and I feel like it should come with the ones that you can rewash. There's no purpose in them
having the reusable ones. I can't think of one. Or if they sell two models,
one with the disposable pads and with the reusable pads, 'cause I would've definitely
bought the reusable pads over the disposable pads. It just seems, I like that
idea that I can reuse them over and over again and
from what I understand, you can use them up to like 50
times, 50 different moppings. I don't have any, that's
what I read on the website, I don't have any validation of if they're actually going to hold up because
I did notice in particular on the sweeping pad, it's
starting to get a little frayed right there where the static
charge is supposed to collect. So I don't know how long
that's actually going to last, and with this one, I don't run it as often as the mopping one. Now, also whenever it comes to our floor, we have kind of like I
showed you all earlier, this like brick floor and it's very rigid. So I don't know, one,
I don't know how good of a static charge it's going
to get on this type of flooring. I would assume that it
might do a little bit better with like a wood flooring. But also, I believe that
because of the grout that's in there, it's going
to get a little bit more beat up, you know, running
over the same parts over and over again with these pads. And so, I might be getting
a harder use on these than maybe someone with
just some soft wood floors or something like that. All in all, I think that
this is a fantastic mop. I would definitely recommend it. Like I said, I'll link it up
down in the description below. You all can go and read other
people's reviews about it. In my original videos, I
mentioned that there was some other people having
problems with black streaks, I was reading in the reviews on Amazon, black streaks from the wheels of that. I haven't had any issues with that. Again, our flooring is a
little bit more textured and whatnot, so it may
not show up as much. But I did want to point that
out that some people were. Although I think those were
like super early adopters and they've had some time to
fix a few things I believe. All in all, as far as the camera system and telling it where to
go, it seems to be able to find the rooms just fine. It picks up where it left off. If a battery runs low or
the tank runs out of water, you simply recharge it or refill the tank and press clean, and it goes
back to where it left off. One thing that I did want to
note is that whenever it came to our couch, our couch was too low to be able to get the robot mop under, so I just put some wood
blocks underneath the couch so that it lifted it up
just a couple of inches. I needed like a half inch. So I just got a little 2
x 4 and I cut 'em to fit and I put that underneath there. There are different risers, or
you can change out your pegs on your, or your feet on your couch, if you want to go that far to
give it a little bit more height so that it would fit under there, so that it could mop underneath the couch. I'll link those up down in
the description below as well if you guys want to check those out. There's different ways that you can do it. There's kind of the ugly big block things. Or you can actually change out the pegs, depending on what kind
you have for your sofa. I went for a cheap easy route and just put some 2 X 4
bricks underneath there. Let's see, what else about this thing? Is there anything else? The wheels do great. I noticed that there's,
they got like this, it's like a Velcro type
of thing right here. I noticed that the pads don't
really stay on that Velcro. I think that's what's that's for, maybe you guys might be able to tell me down in the comments below
if that's for something else. Have you guys ever used a robotic mop or a robotic vacuum before? I would love to know that
down in the comments below. The bumper sensor actually
seems to work really well. It doesn't like jar into anything and I think that's because it's
got the camera system here. So, it doesn't bump as many
things around your house, not leaving marks on anything. It does really well going
underneath the table and getting around all
the legs and everything. So I was very impressed by that. In fact, one thing that we do
whenever it's at nighttime, we run it at night… Oh, that's another thing
I wanted to mention. We run it at night and
so I take all the chairs and I flip 'em upside
down on top of the table and we run it at night,
and one thing that I wanted to mention is that this
robot mop is really quiet. I'm very impressed by the lack of sound. Now granted it is on the
other side of the house from our bedrooms, and so
whenever we run it at night, like I said, we don't hear it, but it's… I was impressed. I was I impressed by how quiet. You know, you're used to the robot vacuums like vroom, and they go and
they pick up all the stuff and it makes a loud noise. Because this doesn't have
that power motor to it, it's super quiet. So I'm going to go ahead and do a little demo here for you guys. Press clean, get the mop goin'. It's going to go forward, go backwards, spray some stuff, and then
it's going to wipe it up. And it just keeps doin'
that over and over. Now you may be thinkin',
well it left streaks there. It's not really cleaning that much. What it does is, since it has
that camera system on there, whenever it turns, you're going
to see it turn in just a minute whenever it hits the wall there. It's going to turn around and it's
going to move over just a hair like an inch maybe, and
I think that also depends on what setting you have it set for, if it's the light cleaning,
the deep cleaning, or the normal cleaning. But notice how it's going to kind of turn. And it's going to move over just a hair. It's going to turn a little more and then it's going to come back, and it's going to re-go
over this area right here. So you might be thinkin',
oh this right here, is all the clean, that's it? No, it's actually going to
come and clean it again. It's going to back, well unless it's using its camera sensor to
figure out everything. But I really like the way this thing works and how it cleans, let me move this chair so it doesn't bump it. And how it just goes back and forth. It goes over the same
spot little by little, but it gets a really nice
clean on there I'd say. I'm going to say, I probably
need to change that pad on there, I need to clean it. But it does work really well. I think that the spray is just enough for a normal spray on there. I like the mapping situation on there, like it's in this room right now. It knows that it's in the dining room. It knows where the boundaries
are for the thresholds. So it won't, it won't go through those. And then whenever it's
done with this room, it'll just continue on to the next room. So we hit the bump right there, we're going to inch over just a
hair, and then now it's going to go through and we're going
to clean all of that again. Another thing that I noticed too, about the liquid that's in there. It tends to, I guess, depending
on how much is sprayed, but it tends to dry fairly fast as well. So you're not stuck with a wet
floor for a couple of hours or an hour or whatever, you know, with a traditional mop
or anything like that. All in all, fantastic product. I'm very satisfied with it and I can definitely
recommend it to you guys. Like I said, if you guys
want to check this thing out, I'm going to link everything up
down in the description below. You all can go and read other
people's reviews about it. Don't just take my word for it. If you all have any questions about it, let me know that down
in the comments below. I'm always active in the
comments as much as I can be. And if you all definitely have questions, I always try to answer
you all's questions, whether it's in a followup video, or if it's directly on
there in the comments. Sometimes I do both for you guys. Thank you for Hast to letting us know about the little padding
and what that's for up on these pads right here. Definitely appreciate you all's comments. Whenever I do ask questions,
I do appreciate them because I'm learning just
as much as you guys are. If you guys want to see
this entire series of videos that I did about this romotic
bocking, numatic, robotic mop including the unboxing, the setup, how the iPhone app, or
how the phone app works. The original test that I did of it. Go and click this playlist
of videos right there. I'll see you all in those videos. Thank you dads for watchin'. That thumbs up is always appreciated. If you know how to say robotic
mop in any other languages, let me know that down
in the comments below. I've been kind of playin' around with doing other languages in the
comments, in the description. Thank you all for watchin', and Dad out.

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