After the robot has worked for multiple cleaning cycles, You may realize that it needs some cleaning. First, empty the water tank, Then slowly fill the water tank with warm water to facilitate cleaning, Be careful not to overfill. Close the water tank cover and gently shake the robot. Empty the water tank, and then repeat the above steps. Fill the robot with water, close the tank lid and gently shake the robot, then empty the tank. Now remove the cleaning pad and wipe the bottom of the robot with a clean dry cloth And 4 openings for anti-drop sensors. Then wipe the robot body with a clean dry cloth And front nozzle. Remove any visible trash or hair that has accumulated around the wheels. If you want to clean the Braava jet™ cleaning pad after every use, You can choose to wash by hand and air dry, or use the washing machine to wash with warm water. Do not wash with personal clothing. The reusable cleaning pad can be washed up to 50 times.

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