He does not know fatigue, does not ask unnecessary questions, does not ask to eat or drink does not ask for payment for his work. He doesn’t care whether you are a man or a woman All that he needs to know when to start performing the task successfully deal with it More recently, I still thought that this was a distant future. when I first saw dragged in something frivolous unreasonably expensive but technology does not stand still and what used to seem toy today is becoming the norm and indispensable it will be about I have never done a vacuum cleaner before controversial purchase for myself, I perfectly understood that this is a robot vacuum cleaner and his main task and to sew me such joy as cleaning premises and here I will persuade myself on such a strange step. When choosing tortured me two questions firstly which model to choose so that the robot does not bothered to maintain, except that the garbage to throw out of it. and second how much it will cost it turned out that the market is replete with dozens samples of various models and manufacturers from well-known brands such as philips angie samsung and so on to lesser known ones like siamese as well as bread and life as well as completely unknown ones plunging their heads into this question I saw the following picture all manufacturers offer their line both cheap and unreasonably expensive models it remains only to understand where the quality of the automation corresponds to the price reality and here I remembered that the pioneers of this issue is iRobot is an American development company in robotics both for domestic and military needs and to whom but not this company best understood in this matter so I decided on the brand immediately the ultimate was cunning when he said right away as before google looked at the review and compared the prices of the skills of the robots themselves and in order I do not stretch pleasure I announce immediately this is roomba 676 why because starting the 600 series further development except for robotic vacuum cleaners, except in the construction of the logic of the robot the mechanical part changed insignificant therefore when when choosing a robot robot starting the 600 series, you need to understand what to clean surfaces these robots will be the same as the cheapest and the most expensive cleaning is done with three brushes of one lateral throwing debris under the robot and two central retractors in a container with such a mechanical cleaning system is not necessary powerful in a retracting turbine so all robotic vacuum cleaners are much quieter household by the way, a similar cleaning system is found in other manufacturers it happens that there is no brush at all in the center but only a retracting hole like ordinary vacuum cleaner you need to understand that it is not effective I will say right away that the diamond is dust and the rubbish falling under the brushes cleans well the most expensive models can build a room map and, if necessary return to the place for further cleaning as well as for convenience all settings reports are made through a special application thanks to this vacuum cleaner robots can be programmed for example for daily cleaning time or send clean up right now while being at work and but and so for example if someone is going to visit you also all robots automatically returns to the charge station by completion of completed tasks, if necessary, a report will be sent with a notification about finishing work but honestly honestly out of the mass of these interesting functions useful only programming start-up and notification that the container is full no it certainly will be the first time It is interesting to observe the work of the robot and look through various reports, but no more since still the main function is to clean when I'm not at home and do not draw attention unnecessarily; cheaper models the algorithm is not always understandable but despite this though the algorithm is easier to experiment their work they do and so why I chose exactly 676 the sixth model on the first is a proven series of secondly this is a capacious lithium-ion battery thirdly there are no problems with consumables they can be purchased both in the store and with aliexpress cheaper in the fourth at models there is programming of the work schedule through the application as well remote start in general everything you need and nothing more Now let's turn to the control, there are only three buttons: wedge recession and dock button we stop the wedge and start the robot; the button with under is necessary for any local cleanings for example showered something put it in the center of the dirt and press everything and let's go the dock button this is returning to the station charges it is visible if you don’t want to drag there now, we’ll press the wedge directly to the cleaning and all the robot went to clean rides in the corners offended by obstacles while being on his opinion of the foci of mud spinning in place these further specifically for the test I cut scattered small pieces of paper how children could do this is how the vacuum cleaner coped with this task, turn on, press the slot in general, the result is not bad considering that I threw large pieces of paper they were hair for example, now put it on the table, the view will fall or not a test about one robot confidently sees the edge has become off so it can be throw where on the cupboard and not worry that he fell there before from the moment purchases have been a month and during this time in addition to big advantages I found some flaws firstly sometimes gets stuck I have one of the cows with a long nap and the robot perceives it wonderfully it’s like an obstacle so that climbing on the carpet on one side he overcomes the whole carpet of sweets from the other and cannot climb back already but yes perhaps a special case since there are no such problems with a short-pile carpet there is a second moving from one room to another if available the interior door the cleaning process can close the door behind itself and back already on charging station he will not return 3 included no device for removal of coiled hair on the surface of the brush, in principle, it does not matter you can use a regular brush well, or for 100 rubles to buy on aliexpress this set and then cleaning will take no more than two minutes 4 and this is perhaps a caution the robot is afraid of water if the warranty such damage does not apply 5 if available pets cats dogs need to protect places of eating and toilet for of this separately sold so-called virtual wall they enclose definitely a place where you don’t need to call the robot and thus the robot doesn’t knock over a bowl of your pet's food or water but again a company store they are indecently expensive so Avito will help you with everything else I did not find any complaints about the vacuum cleaner. This is why it was bought attracting attention. just in order to throw out the garbage, therefore, for the acquisition recommend you can spend the money I think it’s worth it because this month our old vacuum cleaner only he had his direct responsibilities, I hope that this video clip was useful if you have any questions please contact who liked it like all good luck for now

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