friends of all welcome you to my channel channel techno review today let's look at just a bomb robot vacuum cleaner I will soon have a warehouse I I don’t know here and the sea of ​​robotic vacuum cleaners because I do not know send them to me the Chinese are getting crazy soon in the Chinese warehouses there will be less traffic jams of vacuum cleaners than in my home this is a very interesting model, I generally honestly went nuts from its characteristics and from the price, be sure to watch this video to the end and not forget to subscribe to the channel and put the bell Well, like and a few comments here, as it were, of course, this robot It costs 15,000 rubles from 12 to 15 thousand rubles, and interestingly, it has a camera and in this video review we will find out what is still better than a camera or a gift I, as you know, are the most ardent supporter blows why yes because I just had a vacuum cleaner with a camera there weren’t like heroes from cartoon prostokvashino tell them not to interrupt It’s very, very interesting to see what this robot vacuum cleaner is like for that kind of money I just don’t know this is the killer xiaomi slave rock probably let's there’s nothing remarkable here to find out has inside also, as I understand it, there is another box so inside we have already a full box on top we see there was a transport here handle for easy carrying on the form factor the box we have is similar to a box from a rock slave with 55 basically a cancer slave let's open it from above there is an instruction like this it looks like this a small manual for quick setup of downloading the application here we have such here under a spoon in it, as I understand it, cardboard if you want you will have a lot of cardboard here once two three four years the robot vacuum cleaner itself now we we will return to it here with us, as I understand it, the base is a reservoir for the security service garbage is installed in it, as I understand it, the suction element, I honestly never had robots exactly with such tanks that are right behind cling but as I understand it yes it’s the motor itself here is such a hepa filter and by the way a very convenient button for the clutch of this tank will be very convenient to mount it to a vacuum cleaner and pull out in principle here cool enough done gave an additional hepa-filter remote control such by the way it is very plain 2 3 I have batteries and, in principle, everything is very, very simple forward control back left to right for anal cleaning and so on here we have a gloss here and so it looks thanks to the camera, this robot picks up any practical objects yes that there are almost any objects that come across on his haidar has similar functions, but as robots from the camera say, they’re straight the most top very interesting function that I don’t lacked in just a cynic this is of course a virtual barrier that is an application you can set the zone where the robot does not go further and the power adapter is the most there is no standard plug and so many of its characteristics ask for the characteristics of the power adapters because they are somewhere with someone get lost here, in general, show a rag here such here again what pleases and what's interesting is this surface it is completely mid fleecy coating in the case of a slave, his cancer has a fleecy coating, respectively, only in that the area where the turbo brush is located in my opinion such a plan, the solution is much more interesting because the robot is really more plentiful my pool we will look again such practice there, we are all moving on here, as I understand it, additional section for the container give the container here is going to look like this just as interesting, just nikor barrack doesn’t have that kind of valve he’s rather weak of course such a plate is presented I don’t even I know from the plastic from which the bottles are made, but here at the feeder I show here it is, in general, in a container and what is interesting we have implemented such plate without which, as I understand it, the robot vacuum cleaner will not start if not install here hepa filter here this top part opens for container service well and this is which we just connected for so that it is cleaned up to the complex construction of the container and to be honest before that I I saw these and finally the base here is basically similar in principle vacuum cleaner to my beloved murra baraka Yes, in principle, they didn’t invent anything rubberized legs priority gloss bottom matte plastic contacts Well, from above we have an indicator of work, again, only on one side to Unfortunately, the connector for food is a relative in this regard, they have done well such a very compact base and two connectors for powering the robot vacuum cleaner itself in fact, as I am not trying to do less time, unpacking is all Equally a damn thing doesn’t work here, we just like 2 that is interesting there is also an additional bristle for raking it about or which is clogged in a recess it pleases about pro scenic this was not the aura of the barack is naturally present, but the bristles themselves are of such a plan they are not very high-quality slave rock of course here at the height of everything but on the other hand, they fulfill their function performs well and finally where is he robot vacuum cleaner let's unpack it here it is wonderful and here we already have a wet cleaning tank which, as I understand it, is also intellectual means besides wet the vacuum cleaner will naturally suck in the dust but as far as we understand will suck in and not so much just with these tanks that we just collected because here I have not installed the unit as I understand it additional or main motor, only the block is installed here intellectual water supply what's interesting here there is a real intelligent water supply as the manufacturer claims let's remove this whole thing depending on the speed of movement vacuum cleaner water will be supplied more strongly with regard to the installation of rags here to unfortunately I can not praise them this robot vacuum cleaner because well basically it’s quite simple to install food, but it’s just Velcro uroboros itself optimal mount the water tank capacity 300 milliliters actually 360 approximately as the manufacturer claims the flooding valve by the way is enough a big neck it pleases well and of course the reservoir it is just huge enough to rinse the whole room and there will stay ten times and let's while he again in the film, according to tradition, we turn over to look at the bottom part of the design here, no one invents anything, everything is similar he so here it is removed well, and in general, everything is further there is a garbage container when cleaning wet dust will be sucked in accordingly directly with this brush to throw yes and when installing containers that are now behind the scenes it will be sucked in as manufacturer claims here suction power from 1800 to two and a half thousand Pascal is a lot in fact because of the same robar co2 200 maximum but I think there is a manufacturer of Chinese a little disingenuous so again let's see this whole thing in practice learn modular wheels such a cool suspension it is quite soft as well a wheel it is such a interesting with notches I don’t know why this is done apparently for convenience moving around the carpets here it has such a kind of tread if you you know what I’ll bring it up like this is not quite visible, but less so this part is recessed slightly white further along The location of the sensors is, of course, three height sensors, but they are from 2 contacts for power Gali on the bumper here we have this the phenomenon, as I understand it, there are sonars installed and, of course, free-wheeling there is also a bumper why I suggested that there is a sonar in the bumper and yes, because here the side sensors do not have proximity to the wall on the other parties maybe they don’t need them because there is such a camera with of this part we have a speaker, that is, a speaker, and from this part here is the switch by the way the robot can be charged also directly connecting the power supply to it, so I understand some backup probably 2 mechanical keys the upper part of us does not rise does not open because the reservoir for we have implemented garbage in this way in this way quite a lot of robots vacuum cleaners with such a form factor, but I honestly have not seen and let's interesting how do you see the surface of the pipe itself is a very cool gloss we’ll find such abstraction this case looks well and accordingly the camera itself friends well then I don’t I’m patient to launch it, especially since we are talking about a point pain or you’re very, very a lot of time let's finally see what he can drove so friends now let's see how he generally responds to obstacles with the help of manual control rush it is clear that when the operation of the algorithm is one thing and when we ourselves get him into troubled loans another thing about the ult By the way, it is used in other models of Chinese robotic vacuum cleaners, that is, their stamp and then program nothing here so interesting and life, in my opinion, he meets, let's first start so let's go and see who’s moving like him at all towards the wall for example, that is, you see for yourself, but does not scan he has no sonar and there is nothing there, he crashes into the wall well, in general, somehow so this is the case when we direct it directly with the remote control, let's let's try another obstacle, for example, here we’ll go to the wrong place crashed yes here is an interesting work of the algorithm by the way it with the remote that is, it does not include any centers for some reason when we manage it with using the remote control then see even the bumper does not work in this case it quite interesting by the way, such a feature honestly never in I didn’t see one robot cleaner naturally when we start in the framework of the algorithm, of course, he has all his sensors connects and doesn’t ride on any obstacle, but it’s just like that trying to storm it at least so well and for that matter I really I wonder how it will work in manual mode in manual mode, respectively on the table, which is interesting from the back, we don’t have height sensors, that is, of course, going back to the dining room will fall for a sweet soul but when the cleaning algorithm is enabled accordingly, but naturally it doesn’t goes under no circumstances stuck circumstances it works with everyone with the help of vacuum cleaners, with the exception of probably just a cynic that crashes trying to move back into an obstacle it is very fraught for some reason you can see a review about simple scenic well then let's see how it goes in general let's get lots so forward no forward he rides until it's interesting he’s done well, that is, here the height sensors work and do not give us, in general throw off the joint and some other obstacle but let's go back and back he falls down why yes because we have no sensors at the back and such a sin yes again here the Chinese all sin with this as regards the village world turnover in general, in principle, he doesn’t go back under any circumstances according to the algorithm, but this one, please, and in principle any other vacuum cleaner, just nobody will fall off from you, please, once and for all goodbye is interesting such a feature and, as it were, even we won’t start it so that it vacuums the table I don’t know what the framework of the palm algorithm is, that is, how to show the cube there’s nothing standard enough for such an operation, let’s talk about that region, by the way it’s very dangerous position about it’s interesting, that is, I don’t understand that it’s not nifiga sensors are in this dangerous position well, let's run it like that, but I'm more than sure that it’s just now the entire surface of the table has been vacuumed and nothing like this will not be supernatural friends well, and finally, let's look at the application, it’s called vidiq strange, the name actually didn’t seem, but then I didn’t think something like Wi chat and running continuity in this there is in general the god of snee application interface visa within the framework of plugins or such dice as you see robots, you can connect a few well and accordingly such here we have a picture here like artificial intelligence you can immediately look at the power of the robot at a given moment from 35 percent go right here to include here in the settings turn off voice notification, respectively overcoming ledges cleaning with bo charging and also necessary for large apartments I think not necessary explain what it is but also further units of measure by the way here arrived and what’s interesting here, you can configure management via google by mass of walls or through the management of alex xiaomi iy oh this is a smart column which speaks only unfortunately in English temujin her a little is incomprehensible too Well, in short, a bunch of voice assistants are the main ones of course Alex and google chrome I use it now and turn on voices all with a smartphone later I’ll tell you how to implement me a smart home and everything is basically implemented thanks to voice control a very cool thing necessarily there will therefore be videos and so well let's enter the plugin itself in general the robot here we have the remaining battery charge the cleaning area and we’ll turn on the cleaning time there and look at how the robot works with the him a container combined among thieves for water, which is an interesting feature of this particular robot is the lack of combined cleaning, that is, you either vacuum or wash the floor but at the same time when you wash the floor the turbo brush anyway dirt is naturally thrown into the container for absorption in this case, but there is a rather interesting choice of modes let's run it now, he will understand that we have it wet cleaning and accordingly run click here with wet cleaning there are three levels of moisture distribution 1 i.e. less intensive 2 that is, average and 3 to 3 prim, he really so abundantly washes the floor that I don’t even know in my opinion after it you can mop still go through so we’ll probably choose 2 and let it sort of get out like this further interesting that there is a cleaning mode is automatic along the walls and spot cleaning there is nothing so supernatural to see in direct on the air, as he draws a plus sign map, you can click here to indicate this goal virtual wall next let's turn it off and try here here manual control is also present, that is, we can scold the cat for me on actually like manual control thanks to it you can choose some zones on our own let's now by the way now let's see how he copes zagreb something yes in principle zagreb turbo brush normally coped despite even the fact that he doesn’t suck in any you like this drew a map well, respectively, if you go a little away tamuna shake even more detail this whole thing well and let's probably to summarize the robot me really teacher on liked taking into account the fact that it costs 12-15 thousand plus minus it can to fill even somewhere to buy it was for 190 bucks, but in my opinion it’s generally funny stash of functionality that it gives out a rather interesting application throw him the flaw that he can not be selected simultaneously with wet I’m more likely to suck in, as a rule, I don’t use a robot in my a slave rock who stands right there behind the bed as a combined cleaner, that is, I accumulate dust on the floor and not starting dust it and then there somehow carry this dust with a rag accordingly I I’m launching the natural one so that he removes it too and then, if necessary start up i'm already wet cleaning here this is implemented separately so it's up to you plus or minus is also interesting that the water tank is very large almost 300 60 milliliters also in the filler neck is very comfortable this is a plus now as for the camera, the camera here is also very interesting better than nothing like for example in the case of a relative who for a second I remind you, in my opinion, it was also 200 190 bucks, and even two hundred and thirty bucks and can be found in the cameras here really helps the robot not just touch but really scan the room and build a map, that's why I I’m drowning, that is, choose robots that build thanks to their sensor a card, that is, they don’t need to poke into every obstacle to determine something here is somehow how to draw here that there really is some kind of barrier to or wall but nevertheless the camera is still on my look a little worse whether the gift by the way someone wrote to me that this is not a lidar laser there sonar some kind of or something like that but not the essence everyone called this Julia a gift I I call the type of ra, in general, hurray baroque in this case and I like the gift more because he immediately determines where he needs to go and immediately determines the perimeter of the room, this pipe also determines the perimeter but it makes this well, in my opinion, subjective a little longer if but to take a dry comparison in the dry residue, then this just an excellent model that you can take and not overpay there too much 150 200 bucks for the same slave rock, but if you still stoke the hall a gift and you more interesting then in the future I will tell you more about a few robots vacuum cleaners are cheap enough with accordingly the same gift so be sure to subscribe to the channel do not forget to put a thumb up and well, of course, beat the bell and because you will then recognize information about the vidos first and also I don’t want to run ahead and promise a lot, but I plan a big comparison of three and maybe even 4 robotic vacuum cleaners and what kind of Chinese robot vacuum cleaner still choose well, but that’s all cool I really recommend the model for purchase for the kind of money you definitely will not regret the link as usual will be in the description but it was a channel of those who review good luck to everyone and good mood thanks for watching bye

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